Your Landing Page Needs a Redesign: 5 Reasons Why

Your landing page is vital if you want to ensure high conversion rates. But how can you know whether your landing page is living up to its potential or not? The following are six signs to help you determine whether your landing page needs a redesign or not:

1. Low conversion rates from your landing page

This is the first sign that you need to work on your landing page. If you have low conversion rates, you may need to redesign your landing page and work on its content.

How low is low when it comes to conversion rates? That depends on various elements including:
• Your niche or industry
• Whether you run a B2C or B2B company
• The position of your page in the journey of your buyers i.e. is it at the top of the funnel such as a page selling an eBook or at the bottom of the funnel such as page with a demo on it.
• The type of traffic you’re driving to the landing page i.e. paid or organic
• The season
• How old the landing page is

It is therefore important to have a benchmark that you can use to compare your data to. This will help you determine just how well your landing page is doing.

2. Low website conversion rates

You also need to consider the conversion rates of the entire website. The average conversion rate
of your website should never sink below the minimum. According to MarketingSherpa, the benchmarks for conversion rates of websites range from 2% to 10%. This is dependent on the industry.

Find out what is the conversion rate benchmark for your industry e.g. manufacturing is 4%, retail and ecommerce 3% and non-profits 2%. You can then use this to compare your website’s conversion rate.

3. Low quality leads

You may be generating leads from your landing page however; they may not be good leads. They may not be turning into customers. If this is the case consider:
• Rewriting the copy on the landing pages to ensure that it is clear about what the visitor will gain by signing up/converting.
• If you are getting too many leads and it is becoming difficult for your sales team to sift through, lengthen your form to capture more information. This will help to qualify your leads better.
• Find out what obstacles your sales team may be facing. You may be providing your audience with an offer that is not beneficial to them.

4. Your landing pages fail the blink test

When visitors arrive on your landing page, they usually decide within 3 to 5 seconds whether they will continue or head to another website. This is the blink test.

You can test your pages using various online services where anonymous and random users will visit your landing pages. You can also simply print out your page and give it to people you know and see if they can make out exactly what the page is offering. If they are able to give you the right answer, then your page passes. If not, consider redesigning it.

5. Too much text

Your landing page needs work if you have included dense paragraphs of text on it. Text can be overwhelming to a visitor. Many web users will not want to go through long paragraphs to get the information they want.

Images and white spaces are more enticing to viewers. You should therefore ensure that the information on your landing page is brief and straight to the point.

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