Why Your SEO Plan Needs Cross Browser Compatibility

Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox, oh my! If you were to put ten people in a room the chances of all ten of those people using the same web browser would be pretty slim. Between personal preference, compatibility issues, and just what is presently installed in the computer everyone uses a different web browser. What web browser do you prefer using? The better question is: do you use more than one web browser? The biggest mistake that a website owner or blog owner can make is only using one web browser. If you only use one web browser it means you are only going to be viewing your website or blog in that browser and you have no idea how it looks in other browsers.


Optimization Means More Than Just Content


When most people think about SEO, they think about: content, content, content. Obviously, images and videos have also squeezed their way into being an important part of optimizing a website as well. You can have the most optimized website in your niche and it can be ranked at the top of page one on Google, but it will not do you any good if a person cannot see your website.


What is Cross Browser Compatibility?


Cross browser compatibility is the process of making your website appear as close to the same as possible in all of the major web browsers. It is also the process of just making sure your website is viewable and usable in all of the major web browsers. The most important thing to remember is that there are some codes and designs that are not going to look exactly the same in every web browser no matter how you try to tweak them. What is important is that your website works, can be viewed, and can be used by a person regardless of which web browser they are using.


What If You Do Not Make Your Website Cross Browser Friendly?


Website owners who do not work cross browser compatibility into their SEO strategy are viewed by some of their traffic as a person who does not care. After all, what message do you think you are going to send to people if anyone using Internet Explorer cannot see or use your website? Your website is meant to serve the people who are visiting it. They should never have to install a new web browser or switch to using a different one just to use your website. Furthermore, you should never include a notice on your website saying that the website only works in certain browsers or looks better in certain browsers. It is your job to make it work right for everyone.

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