Why Ignoring SEO will Cost You Sales

A lot in the digital world has changed over the years. New methods for marketing have been introduced. However, even with all the changes, SEO still remains one of the most effective online marketing strategies you can use.

However, many websites are buying into the hype about other marketing tactics and are deciding to ditch SEO altogether. This can only result in one thing, lost revenues.

Dangers of ignoring SEO

If you are ignoring SEO, your business is likely to suffer as a result. There are several dangers to not using SEO as part of your online marketing strategy including:

i. Becoming invisible to internet users

Even if you had the most attractive website, it would do you no good if potential customers did not know where to find you. It is like having a shop and keeping it secret from the public. You would have no customers buying your products.

Internet users use search engines to get information about products and services. If your website is not listed in search engine results pages, you are basically invisible to them. If you want to drive traffic to your website, SEO is vital.

ii. Losing business to your competition

If you have chosen to ignore SEO, don’t think your competition holds the same opinion. Many industries have become more competitive than ever before. For that reason businesses are turning to the online scene to take advantage of online consumers. If you don’t have an online presence to speak of, your competition will get the larger share of the market.

iii. Falling behind

Having a website that is optimized through development of rich and unique content will help you establish a strong foundation with consumers. You therefore have a lot of time to see your results grow. The results of SEO may take time to become seen. You will therefore find that not applying SEO today will give your competition the upper hand. You’ll end up falling behind. By the time you realize the power of SEO for your business, your competition will have taken hold of most of the market.

Benefits of SEO

If you still aren’t convinced that SEO ought to the heart and soul of your online marketing strategy, you may want to know how SEO can benefit your business.

i. Enhanced credibility and brand awareness

Google is the most popular search engine available today. Many people trust it and the results it provides. Being ranked higher on search engine results pages would therefore increase the credibility of your website to users. Many people will view your website as being credible if it is listed on the first page of Google search results pages. Search engines therefore act as third party endorsers.

ii. Improved user experience

SEO is not only about ensuring that your website can be found. It is also about ensuring that users are able to enjoy using your website and will want to keep coming back. An enhanced user experience will make it more likely for users to come back to your website and even refer your website to others in their network.

iii. Staying ahead of the competition

There are many websites that use SEO and your competition probably do too. Taking advantage of SEO will therefore put you on a level playing ground if not better than them. SEO campaigns will help you to keep track of your competition and develop strategies that are more effective. You therefore have a fighting chance of getting and staying ahead of the competition.

iv. Better ROI

If you’re looking for an online marketing strategy that gives you a high ROI, SEO is that strategy. SEO drives traffic that is already interested in your services and products to your website. This means that you get higher conversion rates than with other marketing tactics.

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