What Role Does Keyword Density Play In SEO?

You have probably heard your SEO consultant mumbling about keyword density. You may not have had a clue what they were talking about. You may wonder why it is important. We will explain what keyword density is and why it is important in this article.


What Is Keyword Density?


This refers to the amount of times you use a particular term in the content of your website. There are certain places in your website that a search engine will expect to see your keywords. You should use your targeted term in the headers, the meta tags, in link texts, and in the alt tags for images. You should also make sure that your targeted term is scattered throughout the text of your article.


Why Is Keyword Density Important?


Keyword density is important because that is how search engines determine what your website is about. If you do not use your keywords on your website, you are not telling the search engine what your website is about. If you do not give search engines the right signals, your site will not rank for the terms you are trying to rank for. You will not get the traffic or the sales you expect because your competitors will be ahead of you in the search engines.


How Often Should I Use My Keywords?


There is no hard and fast rule about how often to use your targeted terms. The one thing that is an industry standard among SEO gurus is that you should not use your keywords too often. Many experts say that your key phrases should not be more than 2-3% of your total word count. There are two ways to check this. One way is to read your content aloud to yourself. If you hear the same terms too many times, you should revise your content. Another way is to highlight the term. If you see it appear too much, then you should use some alternate terms instead of your key phrases.


Keyword density is important to search engine optimization. Search engines use the text on your website to determine what it is about. It is important to write for humans as well as search engines. You want to strike a good balance in the use of your keywords. If you do not use your terms enough, the search engines will not rank your sites highly. If you use your term too much, your website could be penalized for spam.


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