Want to Increase your Profits? Increase Your Qualified Traffic with SEO-Case Study

Why should you invest in SEO? This is a question every business would like answered before they place their money and company’s marketing campaigns in the hands of an SEO professional. The answer is simple, to increase your profits. SEO is aimed at increasing the volume of traffic to your website so as to help you increase your profits.
This is something that every business should understand. Search engine optimization is not just about getting to the top of the ranking. It won’t help your business much if you were to be at the top of the ranking and receiving thousands of visitors per day but were unable to sell anything. As a business, profit is first and foremost for you. That is the way it should be even with SEO.

Still the most effective internet marketing technique

Search engine optimization continues to be one of the most effective internet marketing techniques available. You get a better return on your investment with a well-executed SEO campaign. The company in this case study did and you can too.

The client

The company in this SEO success story is completely dependent on their website for their business. The website is their online store. They sell products online. Although the website was receiving a great number of visitors on any given day, they weren’t making as many sales as they’d like. They decided to hire an SEO company to assist them with their SEO strategy.

The problem

Before engaging the SEO services, the company depended on its reputation in the market to get customers. They however, did not realize that the online market is more competitive. Although the company was once a major player in the industry, not many potential clients knew that or considered that information when searching for products online.

The company’s website received a lot of traffic. However, not many people bought products from their website. The company simply didn’t have a website that could convince visitors to the site to purchase their products. There was no content to engage visitors.

The solution

The SEO firm hired by the company came up with a simple SEO strategy to help the company’s website gain popularity on the Internet as well as convert this popularity into sales. The first step was to generate content that was engaging to customers. The SEO Company developed content that was relevant to the products that the company supplied and included it in the company’s blog. Relevant keywords were included in the content to boost the firm’s SEO efforts.

In addition to creating engaging content, the SEO consultant updated the information on the website to provide a more general view of products instead of focusing only on the products that the company supplied. This was done to increase the company’s visibility online.

The results

The results of the campaign were phenomenal in business terms. The campaign resulted in an increase of visitors from just over 27 000 to more than 30 500 per month. This was an overall increase in website visitors by 13%. This may not seem impressive but the real effects were seen in the quality of traffic driven to the website through the campaign.

Product pages on the company website saw an overall traffic increase of more than 35%. The conversion rates of the website increased by 87%. This meant that the company was making far more sales than they did before even though traffic to their website had not increased significantly.


The company’s new found success can be attributed to the fact that the SEO strategy was aimed at drawing more qualified traffic. You can reduce the number of unqualified visitors to your website and increase the volume of qualified traffic to your website through a well set up and run SEO campaign. Talk to us today for your SEO needs.

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