Want to Increase Conversion Rates? These 3 Landing Page Tweaks Will Help You

Your SEO service provider may have provided you with an effective SEO strategy that drives loads of traffic to your website and a highly effective PPC campaign that drives even more targeted traffic to your site. But all of this will mean nothing if you can’t convert the traffic to sales or leads. Conversion is your primary goal as a business.

Your conversion rates depend a great deal on your landing pages. The following are some tips on how you can improve your landing pages to improve your conversion rates.

1. Don’t ask for too much

There are two things you need to know about the modern online consumer:
• They are extremely lazy. If you present them with anything that takes too much time to complete or looks like a chore, you will lose their interest.
• They are becoming extremely cautious. There has been a lot in the news about security breaches thanks to putting information online. Consumers are becoming more cautious of the information they put online. Asking for too much sensitive information is likely to put them off.

These two factors about consumers should help guide you in optimizing your form fields. In a sentence, the more information you ask for, the more likely you are to lower your conversion rates.

This therefore brings us to one rule you need to keep in mind: Determine the least amount of information you can ask for that will still help you to get a valuable lead.

If you are building a mailing list for an e-newsletter, you will not need to ask for information such as the city or state of the user, their zip code, mailing address and phone number. Many visitors would not provide you with all that information just to get on your mailing list. You only need a name and an email address. This is adequate information for a start. As your subscribers move down your funnel, you can request more information. At this point, they will probably be willing to provide you with it.

If you need much more information to create a valuable lead, you should instead guide your visitor down the funnel. You can for example use categories on your landing page. This ensures that you are not asking for too much personal information from the start.

You can ask for more information from the visitors as they go through the process. This prevents you from overwhelming your visitor and losing a potential lead.

2. Build trust through a showcase of awards, accomplishments and social proof

Online consumers today have to deal with a lot of trust issues. Many websites on the Internet simply cannot be trusted. You can increase your conversion rates by building trust. However, this does not mean that you ought to clutter your landing pages with logos. Select a few images that will help to build trust and improve your conversion rates e.g. logos of media outlets that your business has been featured on, logos to show accreditation by organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and social networking buttons such as Skype or Facebook that link back to your profile. Ensure that these images are prominently visible on your landing pages.

It is important to ensure that the links are working. This ensures that any visitor can click on the badges and confirm that your claim is true.

3. What other people say

Adding customer reviews and testimonials to your landing pages can help you produce great conversion results. It is however, important to ensure that the testimonials and reviews are believable. They should include a reference of the company or organization that is giving the review. Including images of the person giving the testimonial will go a long way in increasing the effectiveness of the testimonial. Include a link that leads to an in-depth review for those visitors who would like to learn more.

These tips will get you started on your path to creating successful landing pages. Contact Positronic Design The SEO Company in Holyoke, MA for further assistance in optimizing your landing pages. 413.532.6440

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