Want an Easy Fix for Your SEO? Read This!

The SEO game has been characterized by rapid changes over the years. It has transformed at a fast pace and some of the practices that were once considered best are now considered obsolete. The practices previously hailed as tried and true for effective SEO would damage your SEO strategy if applied today and therefore should be avoided.


Google is by far the most popular search engine available today. The search engine’s algorithm has changed more than 550 times in a year over the last few years. It therefore isn’t a surprise that there have been so many changes on the SEO scene as a result. It has even become difficult to predict when and what the next changes will be.

However, one thing sure: Google will continue to make changes to its algorithm in order to enhance user experience. The changes made to its algorithm so far have been aimed at trying to improve the relevancy of search results to users. This is therefore what you should aim for your website. Aim for the creation of high quality content as well as an enhanced user experience.

Best practices

With things as they are at Google, an integrated and cohesive SEO strategy is required to improve your ranking and enhance your presence online. The following are some the basic areas you ought to work on if you want to improve your SEO in the short and long-term.

1. Creation of great content

The search engines now rank websites according to the type of content they have on them. They are effectively looking to provide their users with the most relevant answer to the queries they make. Changes to the search engine algorithms have made it possible for the search engine to gauge the quality of content by looking at how users engage with it, presence of different media (charts, graphs, infographics, images, etc.) among other things.
Search engines today will not only look at the level of relevancy but will also try to gauge the usefulness of the material on your website. The quality and length of the content on the website will therefore count for a lot in the ranking of websites.

2. Promotion of content

There is a lot of great content available on the Internet. However, for it to make any real impact, it must be promoted to give it exposure to its target audience. As the landscape is currently, there are several methods that can be used to promote content today. These include:
• Outreach – This involves reaching out to people of influence in your industry. In this case, the level of influence should be demonstrated through followers and readership. Reach out to bloggers and websites of influence offering the opportunity for content sharing. If you produce highly valuable content you outreach will be easier as many people will be willing to share it.
• Social media – Use platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to expand your content through social sharing, comments and other forms of engagement. This will enable you to amplify the impact of your content.
• Paid advertisements – this is a great option for getting your content exposed to your target audience through ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, paid search and many more. You will elicit strong results through paid advertising all at an affordable price. For this you may need to work with a PPC expert.
• Public relations – conventional PR still goes a long way in promoting content and generating public interest.

3. Better user experience

Search engines now use data such as bounce rates to determine the level of interaction people have with a website. This gives them a good idea of the quality of the website and therefore how it ought to rank on SERPs. Improving user experience therefore will improve your website rankings on the search engines.

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