Want a Successful Website? Let Your Audience Tell You How

The customer is always right. This is a saying that all successful businessmen and women know all too well. You have to put your customers first if you want your business to be successful. There is no other way to go about building a successful business.

It is important to consider your audience when designing your website and incorporate various aspects of organic search engine optimization in the design of the website.

Beginning with the end in mind

For some websites, organic search engine marketing is often treated as an afterthought. The website design is considered the most important aspect of the website. It is only after the website has been launched and has been running for a couple of months that the company begins to consider the benefits of including an SEO strategy.
Organic SEO should be considered from the onset to reap maximum benefits of this internet marketing strategy. This is something that the company in this case study understood and benefited from.

The problem

The company was a start-up technology company that was launching a new website. As we all know the technology industry is quite competitive. There are many experts in the industry and establishing your company’s presence can take a long time.

The company had to compete with more established and larger brands. They therefore had to find a way of breaking into the market and establishing themselves as experts in the field.

The solution

The company employed SEO professionals to develop an effective strategy for them. The strategy involved incorporating various SEO tactics right from the start.

Before the website was launched, the best keywords were considered and content was created around these keywords. The content was created based on the buyer personas/ target audience. The SEO professionals considered what the visitors to the website would perceive as valuable information and created content to suit them. The company created a blog that was updated on a regular basis with high quality content.

The content on the blog and other social media profiles was not promotional. It was informational. This established the company as an expert in the eyes of the readers.

The company did not select thousands of keywords to use. They focused their attention on three critical keywords that were considered high value keywords. Some secondary keywords were also selected to increase the target audience.

Each page on the website had unique content. The pages were also assigned unique titles and Meta descriptions to help with indexing on search engine results pages. The titles and Meta descriptions had at least one of the company’s target keywords to boost on page SEO.

The results

The results of this SEO campaign were phenomenal for this company. They were able to double their revenue in a year as a result of increased traffic to their website. They also managed to improve the recognition of their brand in the market. As a result of their blog and website content, the company gained recognition as an expert in the industry. They even began receiving invitations by established online journals to publish content.


The organic SEO strategy was successful as a result of the SEO professionals taking time to understand the target audience. The content created for the company’s website and blog was based on the needs of the target audience. The content was created to appeal to the target audience and establish the company behind the blog and website as an expert in the industry.

You can do the same for your company. Double your revenue and grow your brand on the Internet by investing in organic search engine optimization today.

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