Top 5 Biggest Myths about SEO

SEO is considered the industry standard for being noticed on the Internet and driving traffic to your webpage. While SEO is important, there are many myths that surround the practice and “requirements” of search engine optimization.

1. Bounce Rate Affects Ranking

Bounce rate should not concern you in regards to ranking on Google. That is because Google Analytics does not track the data, but they can tell you how many times your site has been visited , and how long visitors were on it. In reality, the amount of time people spend on your site is more important than the number of hits you get. This is because if a visitor does not remain on your site for extended periods, then you have not caught their attention, and they are unlikely to convert from viewer to customer.

2. The Most Important Factors in Ranking Are Links

One of the most popular beliefs, when it comes to Google ranking, is that links will make or break your website’s score. This is not necessarily true. While links are important, Google is more interested in the number of +1’s your site gets and the search words that people enter. Regarding links, you want links that are unique and high in quality. Always try to look at your website’s SEO as a whole.

3.High Domain Authority Equals Higher Ranks

Another big myth is that having high domain authority will make your site rank higher. This myth is surprising because there is no proof that a main domain authority exists. It is more likely that domain authority is achieved simply by power linking, which anyone can do with the right knowledge. Internal links are stronger than external links, and will drive up your ranking.

4.Boost Ranking to Gain Traffic

This is a myth that leads many people to fall into a “catch-22” thought process. While it is important to boost your ranking, there are many more methods to improve your traffic. It is also important not to depend solely on the keyword tool provided by Google.

5.Older Domains Rank Higher

Once your site is a few months old, the internal links play a bigger part in your continued ranking. Some people purchase old domains because the links are already built in. While this technique may work, one should use caution as the links may have become too old to do your site much good. In fact, they may no longer apply to Google’s rules for ranking.

Hardened SEO experts are already familiar with these myths but, for beginners, learning these now will help you rank higher with far less frustration.


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