The Pros and Cons of Pagination

Pagination is defined as dividing content or information onto several different pages of your website. This process heavily affects the experience of your users and your SEO. It is a very commonly used navigation technique for web development. Naturally, there are going to be both benefits and drawbacks to using this technique.


Types of Pagination

Paginated lists and paginated content are the two common types of this technique that you are going to see when you browse the Internet. Paginated lists are commonly seen on ecommerce websites where a lot of different products or services are being listed. Paginated content, on the other hand, is far less common. It is commonly used on news websites or other sites with a lot of traffic.

Positive Effects

Some of the reasos why website owners use this technique include improved user experience, loading times, and advertising revenue. This kind of development setup is going to encourage and to some extent force your visitors to do a lot of clicking in order to navigate your website. Depending on the placement of your advertisements, it can increase the chances of them being accidentally clicked, which would increase the revenue of your site if you are using pay per click advertising.

Negative Effects

While there are many positive aspects to this technique, it is actually something that many web developers avoid like the plague. One of the biggest reasons being the fact that it can cause a very big problem when it comes to SEO. When you have a page that is several steps/clicks away from your homepage, it does not usually get as high of a page rank on search engines. This also makes it more difficult to be crawled by search engine spiders. It can even cause duplicate content issues. Pagination also limits the number links, social shares, and anchor text that a page gets when the information is split over several different places.

There are times where pagination can be very beneficial and even necessary when it comes to the design and development of a website. However, it is a practice that should always be used with caution. Pagination can be avoided by modifying the structure of your navigation setup. Most web developers and SEO professionals suggest avoiding this technique as it really does complicate things when it comes to your website’s search engine ranking.


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