Stunning SEO Success Stories

Although Search Engine Optimization has been around for several years, many people are still skeptical about its effectiveness. The introduction of various other online marketing techniques and tactics has also raised questions as to the effectiveness of SEO both now and in the future.
SEO is still highly effective as will be seen in the following case studies:

1. Great content

SEO experts and content marketers have shouted it on the roof tops. Use great content and the rest will take care of itself. High quality content is vital for any effective SEO strategy. This is something that Brian Dean understands too well. He has been posting high quality content on his blog ever since he learned that it can draw people to it. He used social media to promote his blog and he has never looked back. The traffic to his website exploded and continues to grow as he continues to provide his readers with high quality content.

2. Keyword research

You may not think that a website belonging to a sporting brand that is a household name would have a problem with traffic. However, Nike Golf’s website did suffer from the lack of a focused keyword strategy. This meant that website was far from being as effective as it ought to have been. Search engines were not indexing relevant pages therefore rendering these pages useless.
This was all fixed through engaging SEO experts to help them analyze terminology used in content on the website and find the right keywords to use for the content. Through keyword research and application of the right keywords in the website’s content, the website saw an- increase in website traffic by 169%.

3. Site inaccessibility

Using the wrong keywords was not the only problem that Nike Golf’s website experienced. There was also the issue of content being inaccessible to search engines. There were therefore several web pages that were not being indexed. The performance of the website was therefore being compromised.
The main challenge with the website was that so much of its content was in flash form. Search engine crawlers cannot crawl flash content. This content therefore remains inaccessible to search engine crawlers.

The solution applied to the website was the use an open-source JavaScript library known as SWFObject2. This allowed the website to have a HTML-based version in the background. This could be called forward by the users on the site. This version was easy for search engines to crawl, index and rank in search results.

The website has since seen a dramatic increase in organic search traffic as a result of changing keywords and improving accessibility. In 2012 the website saw a 348% increase in traffic from organic searches from the 2010 golf season.

4. Local SEO
Local SEO is a must especially for businesses seeking to increase their visibility to customers within a specific geographical area. One company that has seen the benefits of local SEO is Avella Specialty Pharmacy.

Although it is a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry, the company was not getting as much exposure as they’d have liked in local searches. The company therefore enlisted the help of an SEO expert agency to help them implement a local SEO strategy.

The action plan applied by the SEO agency was threefold:
• Identifying any incorrect or outdated information about the company that was published online and coordinating updates of information on various channels.
• Creating local listings on channels that were found to be relevant to the company and to the pharmaceutical industry. It was also important to ensure that these channels would have a strong influence on search engine ranking.
• Ensuring continual monitoring of listings of Avella that were being published as well as social mentions that required interaction.

Avella’s online presence and visibility increased by more than 50% in a period of 3 months.

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