Are You Doing SEO the Old Way and Not Getting Results?

There are many things in life that we wish could stay the same. Many of us wish we could be young forever, others wish that the jerry curl didn’t go out of fashion (thankfully it did). But things do change. Nothing ever stays the same. The same goes for search engine optimization.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut because you are sticking to techniques and tactics that you know. It’s easy to trust tried and tested techniques. It’s easy not to want to let go of techniques you’ve perfected over the years and that have proven successful for a long time. However, as other factors around you change, your ‘tried and tested’ techniques may be what are causing you not to succeed.

Ever changing search engines

One important thing you need to keep in mind about search engine optimization is that search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. Search engines are also in a battle for the top positions. Each search engine wants to increase its market share. They therefore do all they can to improve user experience. This means frequent changes to their algorithms in order to better meet the needs of users.

As search engines change the way they rank websites and display results, it is important for you to ensure that you change your tactics and techniques to suit the changes.

Old SEO techniques to avoid

i. Press releases without any newsworthy information

Press releases are a great way to communicate information about your business to your target audience. They are also a great way to build credibility for your business especially if they are published on recognized news websites. They provide links that are valuable for SEO.
However, publishing a press release that is not newsworthy will not help you. You won’t get the attention you need from your target audience and your website may end up being penalized by the search engines for those press release links.

ii. Article submissions

Article submissions have been used in the past as an easy way to build links. However, this easy way out is no longer going to be viable with the introduction of the Panda Update. You now have to learn how to build links by developing relationships with bloggers and webmasters by writing high quality guest posts and contributing to other websites. This will not only benefit the community of the site but will also expose you to your target audience and establish you as an authority in the industry.

iii. Thin content

This is one of those bad habits that seem to be too hard to break. Many people still put up thin content that offers little in the way of information. It is a widely known fact that great content is good for SEO as it drives great links-but it is not easy to create.

Great new SEO habits to adopt

a) Be social

Social activity has become one of the best techniques for building links when it comes to SEO. Social media channels are becoming a great way to establish yourself as an authority and create a buzz around your website and brand in general.

b) Blogging

One of the most important things you can do today for SEO is to blog. Content is becoming more important for SEO with the recent updates to search engine algorithms. You should focus on producing high quality content frequently. Content that gets read and shared widely on social media.

c) Get links naturally

Stop paying to get links. Getting links slowly and naturally will go a long way in improving your ranking. Paid for links will only hurt your SEO efforts as you are likely to be penalized for unnatural links. Take the time to develop relationships with bloggers and other authorities in your field and seek to build links naturally.

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