SEO Techniques for Content Marketing

An alternative marketing method that many companies employ today is content marketing. What is content marketing? It is basically the technique of communicating with your customers and potential clients without necessarily promoting your products and/or services to achieve sales. Instead, you (as the seller) will provide valuable information to people that will ultimately lead to a sales conversion. This is what content marketing is all about and has been used by large companies. Corporate organizations such as Microsoft, Procter and Gamble, Cisco Systems have been using this method and understand the importance of it as well.

Although many in the industry regard SEO and content marketing as two separate disciplines that are distinct from each other, SEO techniques can actually be applied to content marketing. This can help promote the content more effectively as users search for key words.

Content marketing has been the focus of marketing strategist for quite some time mainly because of the positive results that they are able to achieve. While much of the information for content marketing are coursed through search engines, SEO has become critical in order to get the information reach out to potential customers. Local SEOs are constantly updating their techniques for this purpose but the basics can remain the same throughout the SEO strategy. So what are the things that you can do to optimize your content? Here are several tips that you can do:

1. Create high quality contents.
Create a content that is of value to your readers. Don’t focus on how great your products are or how amazing your services could be. Having this mind set can eventually lead your website to be spammy which is not what you want.

Instead, focus on what their problems are and how your products (or services) could provide a solution to the problem. Make it interesting enough so that your readers would like to share your content with their friends and connections. Also try to make your content in such a way that even Wikipedia would be interested to link to your site.

2. Focus on conversational phrases and key words.
While key words that have high search results are critical to use for your content, form them into conversational phrases instead of just laying them out throughout your content. With Googles Hummingbird update, the search algorithm focuses more on conversational search. So it is best to form conversational phrases. Through the use of Google Analytics, select key words that are relevant to your content.

3. Utilize survey questions.
Applications such as Survey Monkeys and Qualaroo lets you create surveys. You can determine why your visitors are not converting into sales by asking questions such as “Do you have any concerns about our products and/or sevices?” or “How can we further help you?” Finding out the answers to these sort of questions can help you make necessary adjustments to increase your conversions.

4. Integrate social media.
Many business owners regard Facebook, Twitter and other social medias as just a platform to keep in touch with relatives and friends. While they would rather go on with their business without social accounts, they don’t realize the opportunity social media can bring to their business.

Since most potential customers exist online, building an online community is essential to your marketing strategy. Having them excluded from your strategy can leave the doors open for other competitors to fill in the gap. What’s worse is that your competitors can leave negative comments that can affect your company without you being aware of it. So it is important to integrate social accounts to your content marketing. They can also provide branding for your website and a channel for expanding your market reach.

5. Build your links properly.
Links play a major role in SEO but it can also be the most misunderstood technique in SEO. People often think that by having any link into their site will provide them with better search results. So they stuff their sites with low quality links and farm links which is a major violation to Google’s policy. This can result in getting their sites banned from the index which is a serious problem.

For your link building techniques make use of news and syndication, local businesses and customers, blogs, social media or any other trustworthy sites to connect with.

While content marketing may be different from SEO, this does not mean that they should be working separately. By integrating these two fields for your marketing strategy, you will be able to achieve conversions at a much quicker pace.

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