SEO Strategy – Utilizing An SEO Checklist for New Sites

While everyone in the online business knows the importance of SEO, not all understand how to implement SEO techniques for their websites especially for newbie developers. They can find loads of SEO information online but still don’t know where or how to start. Utilizing an SEO checklist is an effective way to get your new website optimized for search engines. The following is a checklist that you can use to optimize your new website:


While your website may have quality contents, search engines and visitors must be able to access your webpages without any difficulty. Avoid simple mistakes that can render your SEO useless. Some of the most common errors that can limit your SEO are 404, 500, 302, duplicate content, missing titles, thin contents and so forth. There are 2 ideal tools that you can use for this. Google Webmaster Tools and SEO Moz Crawl. Both are web based and free to use.

Key Word Targeting

Choose the right key words to target depending on the subject or the topic of your website. It is important to select the right key words with relevancy to the content of your webpage. Use key words that have good search volume. While you may not be able to target high value or national terms, select key words with low difficulty while you’re creating a new site. There are several key word targeting tools that you can use for this but the best one to use is Google Keyword Tool. It’s easy and free to use.

Content Value and Quality

One of the main reason why people visit websites is to search for valuable information. Text based contents are good but visitors often look for videos and images. So it is important to have these 3 as part of your content. Other useful information such as references, data graphs, tables and charts, and so forth can further add value to your website. Remember, visitors need to feel satisfied as they visit your website. The more they see something interesting, the longer they will stay and the more likely they will return.

Note that Google’s search algorithm not only looks into backlinks and key word targeting. A lot of times they also rank sites that have quality content even without backlinks and limited key words.

Design, Experience and Function

The overall impact of a website is vital as this will help the site increase it’s rank in the search engine. There are 3 aspects that contribute to the overall impact of a website. These are the web design, user experience and site function. All three of them must be optimized to provide for a quality website.

While the web design often gives the first impression of a website, the function of the site should also be user friendly. Visitors must be able to navigate around your website with ease and should easily understand how it works. If they find your website appealing and easy to use, most likely Google will also increase the ratings for your site as well. So it is important new web developers to pay attention to these 3 areas if they want their website to perform well in the search engine. There are a few tools that you can use online to test for these areas. Five Second Test, Feedback Army, Silverback App are a few potential tools that are available online.

Social Network Setup

Because social networks and SEO are proving to be an effective combination today, incorporating social accounts into your SEO has become an important factor for ranking purposes. Social applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus creates an effective sharing point for your website to expand it’s reach.

The impact on people seeing social network applications on your website creates an effective branding for your site. It also provides the functionality to share your site with their friends and connections. Search engines see this as a quality trait thereby increasing your page rank in the search engine.

Link Building

Links are often misused by a lot of new web developers as they make use of low quality links and link farms. They may have good results in the beginning but as the search algorithm detects them as poor quality, they begin to drop along the index. In worst case scenarios, their websites get banned in the index.

Since links are essential to have in your website to increase ranking, you must build your links the proper way. An effective way to build your links is to make use of business contacts, customers, guest posting contents, news media and blogs. These are just a few quality resources to look into for your link building. Look for high quality links and avoid useless links.
For new web developers, SEO techniques can be quite confusing to implement for new websites. With so much information and things to consider, it can either make or break your Google listing. Following the above SEO checklist can organize your start-up and eliminate any hesitation as you apply these strategies to optimize your website.

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