Reverse SEO: What It Is And Why You May Need It

It has been said that all publicity is good publicity. That is not always the case. Some things hurt a company’s reputation. Sometimes competitors or disgruntled employees post unpleasant things about a company. This can cause a company to lose clients or investors. Reverse SEO can help a company recover from negative publicity. In this article, we will discuss ways you can use reverse SEO to help recover the good reputation your company may have lost because of a smear campaign.


Create Other Web Properties With Your Company Name On Them


The first task you must do to make reverse SEO effective is to create multiple web properties with your company name on them. You can do this by creating YouTube videos. You can also generate additional web properties by creating social media profiles. Search engines love social media. These properties typically rank highly in search engines as long as they are updated frequently.


Post Positive Information About Your Company On These Properties


Reverse SEO does not work if there is not any content on the properties. You need to keep positive information posted on these websites. Post stories about ways you are helping your customers. Have your customers post testimonials about how your product or service has helped them. The idea is to have so much positive information out about your company that you make the negative information seem insignificant.

Build Enough Links To These Web Properties To Get Them To Rank Higher Than The Negative Reviews


Once you have these positive web properties up, you need to build links to them. It does not do you any good to have positive information up about your company if no one knows it is there. You can post links to your web properties on forums in your signature file. You can comment on blogs relevant to your niche. The most important thing is to build multiple relevant links to your positive web properties. This is the best way to push the negative reviews further down in the search engine rankings.

No one likes to see negative information about their company at the top of search engine results. This will certainly scare clients away from doing business with you. While you cannot control what other people post about you on the Internet, you can control how you react to it. Use reverse SEO to correct a potentially damaging situation. Make sure the first thing potential customers see is good information about you and your company instead of bad information.


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