Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with SEO

If you run an online business that requires clients to purchase or place an order online, you understand how frustrating abandoned shopping carts can be. Getting clients to actually add products to shopping carts may have once seemed like the ultimate challenge until you’ve faced abandoned shopping carts.

This is the challenge the medical services company in this case study faced.

The client

This medical services company offered blood and lab testing services to the public. The company already had a wide customer base as well as a wide customer prospecting base. They therefore shouldn’t have had any problem when it came to marketing their services.

The challenge

The client already had a pay per click campaign running. The costs for the PPC campaigns continued to increase. The number of leads that were actually using their services did not increase with the increased ad spend. The company just wasn’t getting enough conversion from the large volume of traffic landing on their website from the PPC campaign.

Upon analysis by an SEO firm, the process for purchasing blood and lab tests online was found to be quite involving. As a result the shopping cart abandonment rates were quite high.

The solution

The SEO Company hired to make improvements to the conversion rates decided to reduce the medical services company’s reliance on pay per click advertising. They instead focused on organic search engine optimization. Their focus was on optimizing the landing pages and increasing the website’s conversion rates.

One of the biggest challenges the SEO firm faced in the process was reducing the shopping cart abandonment rates. The website simply had too many steps to complete in order to place an order for a blood or lab test. The company also used the steps to educate the customers on the importance of the blood /lab tests and what would occur during these tests.

The SEO consultants cut down the number of steps involved in the buying process. They decided that it would be better to educate the customers in a different way. Internal links were included on the website redirecting customers to pages with content detailing processes and procedures. The entire website was reorganized and navigational tools included, making it easy for visitors to find information.


This company reaped the full benefits of having a more comprehensive website and the implementation of effective SEO.

Traffic to the website increased by 319% within a year. The company had a total of 68091 unique visits within a year up from 16268 visits. However, the most impressive improvement was in the website’s conversion rates. The website’s conversion rate went up by 80%. The shopping cart abandonment rates dropped from 71% to 65.5% in one year.

Another added benefit of the SEO services was better results from the paid search campaign. The company only set up PPC campaigns for keywords that were more competitive to rank for with SEO. So the company had first page rankings/listings for many different keywords-either on organic results or paid listings. With that focus their PPC ad spend reduced while the number of leads increased. . Investing in SEO was therefore a win-win for the company for both advertising tactics.

Final word

Even with the ‘new and improved’ internet marketing trends, search engine optimization still remains one of the most effective ways of driving qualified traffic to a website and increasing revenue.
You can have the same success with your website by simply investing in an effective SEO campaign. Ensure that you have an SEO professional assisting you throughout the process. Search engine optimization is a long term marketing strategy with far reaching effects. With SEO you get a higher return on your investment while spending much less than you would on other internet marketing tactics.

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