Link Building – True and False

Link building is one of the most misunderstood SEO strategies, especially among beginners. We often read about best practices, Google’s penalties, and search algorithm updates that make up the link building process. Not everyone has been working with SEO long enough to understand what is true and what is not. And this is why we’ll take a look around the theories that surround the link building process and find out if they are true or not.

1. Link building is illegal.

With the introduction of Google’s Penguin and Panda update, everyone has been cautious if not paranoid in their link building process. There is also the perception of being penalized if you were to make a link to your website. This is simply not true. All that it is saying is to build your links properly and effectively.

A lot of users have used paid links from irrelevant sites and spam articles to promote their websites. And this is in violation to Google’s policy which often leads to the website being banned from the index as a penalty. So instead of employing this method, focus on the relevancy of your website. Your website should not only make cents but sense as well. So your links should have value to your readers. As they click on your links, it must lead them to a source of information relevant to your site. Build your links in consideration of your readers and not just tricking the search engine for your gain.

2. Link building is still important to SEO.

This is true. Contrary to what many people believe, link building still plays a major role in SEO and will continue to do so. You may have created a quality website but if you can’t drive traffic to your site, there wouldn’t be any activity to increase the ranking of your site. You still need to promote your website and one of the best methods is through link building.

Link building allows you to generate traffic by sharing your site with other relevant websites. It is only because of the malpractices of link building that has made this method irrelevant.

3. Domain Authority and Page Ranking are the best metric.

While having your link placed on high DA and PR site is like winning the lotto because the huge traffic that they can bring, it still boils down to the relevancy of the information to your site. Getting your link up on a high DA site that is irrelevant to yours is no better than linking on to a low DA site with higher relevancy. So the answer to this theory is false.

Not all low Domain Authority and Page Ranking sites are poor. A lot of these small sites can still have large followers with quality contents that are relevant to yours. They may be small for now but that doesn’t mean that they will remain this way. Chances are, they can also rise to the top in the near future. So keep your eye out for these sites and most of all focus on relevancy.

4. Having a high number of links is an effective way to optimize your site.

In the early days of SEO, this may have been true. But with the updates in today’s search algorithms, this is no longer valid. So again the answer to this is false. Many have saturated links for their sites to gain a higher rank in the search engines. These are often sourced from farm links or paid link sites that are usually irrelevant and spammy. As this is a major violation to Google’s policy, they have released several updates over the years to combat this problem.

Creating thousands of links is not only a difficult process, it can also be risky as your site can get banned from the index. An ideal number of links should be around 10 links spread over a couple of months. But again these should be of quality and relevant to your content or website.

5. Buying links is Black Hat SEO.

Users employ Black Hat SEO techniques for one main reason which is to work their way around the search engine. They do this to increase their position in the market and one of the techniques they use is through using paid links. So this is true. Buying links is a Black Hat SEO.
While most beginners would rather just simply stay away from link building to avoid any inconvenience, link building is actually an important factor to include in your SEO. Finding out the truth and what is not behind this strategy can provide a better picture for those wanting to optimize their website. So stay informed and strategize your SEO well.

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