Knowing These 3 Secrets Will Make Your SEO Amazing

Search engine optimization never stays the same. It keeps changing and you need to change along with it. The following 3 secrets of SEO will help you recover lost revenue and traffic as you take your SEO to a whole new level.

1. Content Curation

High quality content is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization (SEO). You can no longer depend on using the right keywords only. You have to ensure that the content you provide on your website is capable of attracting more inbound links or improving social shares. But how will you know the content you publish will be great or at least be appreciated by your readers?

Testing the quality of the content on your own website or blog can be tricky business. If the content is not up to par it can easily tarnish the image of your entire website. You can easily lose credibility amongst your audience for publishing content that is not of high quality in comparison with that of your competitors.

There are specific key performance indicators that you ought to look out for when it comes to content.

These include
• Number of new visitors versus the returning visitors
• Amount of time visitors spend on your website or any specific page
• The pages that are viewed most
• The bounce rate
• The conversion rates
• The amount of support you get on social media e.g. likes, shares, retweets and links
• The number of views

If you want to find out about the quality of content before you publish it on your primary website, you can curate the content. Curation allows you to add snippets of content on other websites such as online magazines or curation websites. If the content fails there is no harm done to your primary website or blog. It is a great way to test the performance of content.

2. Make use of free tools available online

There are various online tools available for free to assist you in improving SEO. These tools include PageRank Checker, Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Alexa. These tools will help you check and monitor various aspects of your SEO strategy.

3. Make your website responsive

Google and other search engines want to ensure that the world is seamless. This means that your website should be able to transition smoothly from PC to laptop to mobile.

Google and other major search engines make no distinction between devices today. Search engines want to have the spiders dive into a single pool when searching for information. They don’t want to have to make a distinction between responsive websites for mobile devices and those for PC. It is therefore important to have a mobile friendly website. Your website’s design should be responsive to ensure that it is listed on searches done on mobile devices as well as on PCs.

That said ensure that your ultimate goal is to ensure that your website’s visitors have a good experience. Many people who have discovered the power of SEO are obsessed with getting better rankings.

Ranking is not everything. You should instead obsess over things like:

• How do you get quality and organic links regularly to safeguard against future algorithm updates?
• Where your new links to your website are coming from. It is not enough to have many inbound links. It is important to ensure that the links come from relevant websites that are considered authorities in your area of interest.
• How efficient your website or blog is at getting social media attention (likes, shares, mentions, etc.)?
• Evaluate your past SEO efforts and determine if there is need for link cleaning.
• Is your website giving away more links than it is getting?

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