Is Your Website Leaking Money? Read This to Find Out More

How many times have you clicked on links to get onto a website only to get off 5 seconds later?

It happens to many people. You navigate to a website and begin to ask yourself ‘does this website really have what I want?’

If there is anything that you take away from reading this today, it should be that your website should be able to answer this question within the first 5 seconds after a visitor lands on your website. You’ll otherwise lose a lot in terms of profit. You may drive thousands of visitors to your website and lose them all because they couldn’t see what was in it for them when they landed on your website.

Reasons why your website is leaking money
The following are some tips from conversion rate experts on better conversion optimization:

1. No clear call to action

When you got your website designed, you did so with a clear purpose. There is an action that you want your visitors to take. This varies from one website to another. It may be that you want the readers to subscribe to a newsletter or to purchase an item or simply click on a link. A call to action tells your visitors exactly what you want them to do. If your website lacks a clear call to action, you will lose out on conversion. Your visitors will not know exactly what you want them to do.

How to correct it:

Include a clear call to action e.g. ‘Sign up for our free newsletter’, or ‘buy two and get one free’. It is important to ensure that the call to action is clearly visible and distinctive. Visitors should be able to identify it easily.

2. Vague marketing message

If your landing page lacks a clear marketing message, your visitors are not likely to convert to customers. Many visitors switch off when the land on a page that doesn’t have a clear message. No one likes to be on a website that confuses them.

How to correct it:

Ensure that your landing page is clear and straight to the point. Keep the message focused on what you have to offer your visitors. They should immediately see what is in it for them in order to convert.

3. Overwhelming links

Many people like to include various links on landing pages as a way of guiding visitors to different parts of the website or to other pages where they can get more information. However, having too many outbound links on a webpage can be detrimental to conversion optimization. It can be too overwhelming for visitors to deal with all the links on the page.

How to correct it:

Limit the number of links you use on your web pages. Think about the most important actions that you’d like your visitors to take while on your website. Limit your links to the top 3 actions on your list e.g. signup to free newsletter, call for consultation or visit our office.

4. Bad navigation

There is nothing more frustrating for visitors on a website than not being able to get the information they are looking for. Having confusing or inconsistent navigation can be very frustrating for users.

How to fix it:

Limit your navigation to top or left navigation links or buttons. This eliminates confusion. You should also include a site map. This will help people find the pages they are looking for when they want information faster.

There are many more simple mistakes that can cost you a lot in profits if not corrected. The good news is that with the help of conversion rate experts you can eliminate these problems and increase your website’s conversion rates.
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