How to Increase Your Overall Website Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing your blog or website to make more visitors complete your desired actions. CRO can help you increase sales without incurring additional advertising costs. Keep in mind that getting more people to visit your website is great, but it is useless if they do not convert.
If you want to improve your website conversion rate, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Use action verbs when writing call to action (CTC)

Action verbs describe tangible actions performed by people. They are effective than other words when used to write CTC. You can use them to compel a person to perform certain action. For instance, you can say, “Call us for a free sample.”

  1. Use testimonials

What do people who have not bought and used your product or service think about it? By using comments or reviews from your satisfied clients in text, video, or audio format on your website, you can not only provide solutions to that question, but also overcome buyers’ skepticisms. According to a recent study conducted by Zendesk, 88% of buyers read customer reviews before deciding whether to buy or not.

  1. Use a catchy headline

According to Washington Post, only 6 out of 10 readers get beyond the headline. Therefore, you should use catchy headline to catch the attention of readers.  Titles that include a number resonate most with readers, for example, 3 Ways to Avoid Pregnancy, and those that start with how, e.g. How To Make A Million  Dollars in 3 Months.

  1. Make your website responsive

Portable digital devices such as tablets and smartphones are now the choice for many people. According to a recent research conducted by eGlobal, 80 percent of mobile device users access the worldwide web on their devices at least thrice a month.
Portable digital devices continue to perform dismally for conversions. Apart from non-responsive websites, most portable mobile device users suffer from usability issues that deter them from transacting. For example, your site can frustrate them by requiring them to fill out several forms before they can purchase or transact any business. Even a minor improvement such as the use of auto complete or predictive technologies to help in filling form fields – like identifying the card type automatically basing on card number – can yield good results.

  1. Conduct A/B Testing

The A/B test involves comparing two versions of applications. Some guests are directed to version B and others to version A. The test is conducted for a few weeks, before the results are compared. You can easily identify the winner so long as you conduct the test properly.

  1. Make the call to action (CTA) button conspicuous

A CTA can be a button or text. Make it visible; the bigger the CTA button, the better. According to Fitts’ principle, people are most likely to click on a CTA button that is big and nearby.

  1. Concentrate on user experience before CTA

The most effective way to increase conversion rates is to focus on user experience. Simply ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they want?
  • How did they find your website?
  • What is the first thing they look at?
  • What do they expect next?

When you examine the above questions, you will know how to structure your website in order to suit user’s needs, preferences, tendencies, or interests.

  1. Provide alternative payment options

Offering clients few payment options can damage conversion rate, particularly with the increase of cross-border businesses. Remember, PayPal is not convenient to everyone. You can include other modes of payments, such as mobile payments, bank wire, and prepaid cards.

According to research conducted by eMerchantpay, the growth of alternative options of payment market is anticipated to reach 50% by 2017. According to the same study, adding more alternative forms of payment methods can increase the conversion rate of your website by 15%.

  1. Use a user-friendly capture form

A capture form should only contain the necessary fields that are required to complete an action. Having many fields can overwhelm your prospective customers.

  1. Use attractive design

A clean and uncluttered landing webpage conveys both professionalism and trustworthiness to potential clients. In addition, the design should be consistent with your product or brand to prevent a disjointed browsing session or experience for users.

  1. Target Copy

The content of your site should clearly convey what you are offering and contain the keywords associated with your niche. Use bulleted lists to prevent the content from becoming too lengthy.

  1. Communicate value

A major mistake many people make is that they do not provide sufficient information about the goods or services they sell.
For instance, have a look at this table that has been described below:

  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Color: Brown
  • Warranty: Three years
  • Price: $1,000

Can you part with $1,000 based on that description? I think not. Yet many people do exactly that – they list a few features along with the price. The best way to market your product is to provide as much information as possible.
If customers go through your product information without being fully convinced, they will not buy it. However, if they are convinced after just reading a third of the features, they will buy your product right away. A study conducted by IDC, an international research firm, found that 55% of prospective sales are lost due to insufficient information.
You should provide sufficient information about the product so that you can convince people to buy it. Add videos and some of the best customer reviews to all of your items. Intelligent, timely, neutral, and informative sales content works the best. Have a look at eBay – they created a lot of content for all theirs products, and that is why they are able to sell thousands of products daily.
Only list the price of the item after you have described all of its value. Otherwise, prospective customers will judge it based on its price instead of its value.

  1. Use chat tools

If used effectively as part of your general customer service plan, live chat tools can help you increase conversion rates by giving clients quick access to you or your online agent right away while they are on your website.

  1. Users don’t need to sign up in order to buy

Most websites require users to complete registration forms in order to buy. Make sure you use express checkout (one time) to reduce potential roadblocks.

  1. Offer bonuses

A bonus is a reward or gift you get after buying a product. They are significant for mainly two reasons.

  • They can give a client additional incentive to buy
  • They encourage clients to buy from you

Providing bonuses to your clients is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate, especially if the bonus is valuable than the item itself.
You can use bonuses in these circumstances:

  • Launching a new product
  • Promoting a brand

A good bonus is something that people interested in purchasing a particular product or service will need. For instance, if you are selling chicken, then a book on how to prevent chicken diseases would be a great bonus. The best question to ask yourself when brainstorming great bonus ideas is, “What can I give that is more exciting than the goods or services I am offering?”

  1. Remove distractions

Is there anything on your webpage that can divert clients away from your main objective? Distraction is a major problem. You need visitors to concentrate on a single action without any distractions from it.   The more action options or visual inputs the visitors have to deal with, the less likely they will accomplish your objective. Minimize distractions such needless links, unnecessary product options, and irrelevant information. This can improve conversion rate by 20%.

  1. Create a clear and compelling value proposition

A value proposition is the main reason why people will buy from you and not anybody else. Clients not only want to know why your product is best for them but also why they should buy from you. If your product or landing page just says, “Welcome!” or just describes the product your company is offering, you have totally missed out. A good value proposition should differentiate you from your competitors.

  1. Do not use Jargon

Recently I stumbled on a website that had this value proposition: “Customer centric-focused promotion automation and sales effectiveness elucidations unleash a collaboration panorama via the income proceed phase right way.” Do you know what that means? Can you figure out what they do? Not really, right?

Do not try to entice new clients with fancy, complex business language. It will not work.
There are several ways to improve your overall website conversion rates and we can help you with that.

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