How to Easily Improve Your Local SEO

SEO experts will tell you that local SEO is vital for success of any online business in today’s competitive online landscape. Optimizing just a few pages on your website for local searches can increase your prospects in the local market by a great deal.

The following tips will help you optimize your website for local searches easily.
On-page optimization

• Contacts
Make it easy for people to find you. You should include your phone number, address and name on your website. Use crawlable HTML text when including your contact information. This makes it possible for search engine bots to index the information. Many people make the mistake of using images. Images cannot be crawled by search engine spiders.

• Locations
Create a page for your store locations if you have more than one location. This page should include contact information for each location, opening hours, description of each store, promotions, testimonials and any other relevant information you feel is important.

Be sure to avoid duplicating information from different pages.
If you only have a single location, create a descriptive ‘About Us’ page that includes information about your location.

• Local content
Provide content that is relevant to the local market on your website. This will set you up as a local authority in your chosen niche. Promote events, gatherings and other news that is relevant to the local population. You should also provide informative content that is relevant to the local market. You can do this through content published regularly on your blog.
Local profile pages

• Create a Google+ Local page
Create a local profile on Google+ Local and verify it. If you have multiple locations, ensure you do this for each location. Be sure to link the Google+ page of each location to the locations page on your website.

• Use Google Mapmaker to get rid of duplicate listings
You can avoid diluting your links and reviews by getting rid of duplicate listings. Google Mapmaker is one of the best tools available for this.

• Make it easy for customers to provide reviews

Show your customers how to write a review of your business on Google+. Print out handouts for in-store customers. You can also email the instructions to your mailing list. When you have more than five reviews on Google+ local, you will begin to receive yellow stars next to your local search listings.

• Declare your business category

You can declare your business category on Google+ local. This will make your business easier to find. Look for the most relevant categories. You do not have to list only one category. In fact, it is advisable to list at least five categories that are closely related to your business. This includes both specific and broad categories.

Citations and inbound links

Citations include any mention of your business address or name on other websites. This does not necessarily mean that there is a link to support the citation. However, citations are just as important as links for SEO.

• Ensure consistent information

Be sure to check that the information provided about your business is accurate and consistent. There are various tools you can use to do this including You can use this tool to check on consistent spelling of citations of your business.

• Use directories for citations

Use directories to get more citations. Some of the most popular directories available include Apple, Bing, Google+ Local, Bing and Trip Advisor. Ensure that your citations in these directories are consistent and accurate. Remove any duplicate listings that you come across.

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