How to Drive Highly Targeted Traffic That Converts Well to Your Website

The reason why many start ups and, indeed, established and ongoing online businesses keep struggling to stay afloat in business is the simple fact that they lack a targeted traffic to their website, if any at all. We all know that without any web traffic, a website is as good as non-existent. What many fail to recognize is that the lack of highly targeted traffic with the right expectations, thus able to convert well, is just as bad.

Traffic to a website is a good thing because there is a chance that at least one of these people will turn out to be a buying customer (conversion). However, being able to drive a particular target of people in large numbers to the website, in this case those who are actually looking for what is being offered on that website, changes the whole dynamics of probability. This is far much better because there will be the chance that most of them will be buying customers.


So how do you drive traffic to your website and, better still, how do you drive that highly targeted traffic? It’s all about tactfully influencing a range of channels that are known to guide a specific target of people from the web audience to your website. The strategies to do this are many and most revolve around search engine optimization (SEO). The key is to use as many of these strategies as are applicable to your type of business and where your target hangs out.


It is not always easy for small online businesses to get the high target traffic they want, simply because they don’t get the right kind of help they need. There are so many companies that provide online marketing and SEO services around the globe, which often makes it hard for small businesses to choose the right one. Not being able to pick the right SEO service will undoubtedly leave you short of your expectations and the consequences of that will obviously not be good for you or your business.

Perhaps the best thing for everyone trying to amass a healthy targeted traffic for their websites would be to have a fair understanding of all the strategies that are involved in such an endeavor. With this information, finding or choosing the best service will then be much easier. Below are five aspects of strategies that are normally employed by those who want to stay on top of the game when it comes to driving online business. They all have a proven track of directing targeted audiences with a better chance of converting to a website.


1. Keyword Research

Knowledge is vital when it comes to getting the appropriate keywords. If you really want to direct highly targeted traffic that converts well to your website, you must start by studying and understanding what it takes to do so. Keyword research involves the study of actual words and terms that people use when they are looking for specific things online. So for you to find the right people who want or need the kind of products/services that you offer in your online business, you must research extensively on all the words that are used, and identify the niche keywords for your business.


The objectives of such research cannot be understated given its ability to generate a good number of highly relevant terms for any business, with precision and a command of exactly what you need. Keyword research tools exist that not only make this process easier, but also help in identifying keywords with high searches but are less competitive. Once you have the most optimum keywords for your business, the rest usually comes easy.


Keywords almost make the basis of all SEO processes, therefore, they need to be well researched and aptly utilized in all areas of your marketing campaign. It is very important to engage the services of people who understand this extensively so as not to misuse such an important element in traffic generation, or render its value fruitless.


2. Active Advertising

The power of advertising is well known the world over. Even before the advent of modern civilization, medieval merchants understood the value of letting people know what they had to sell by shouting their wares as they traveled from town to town. So how and where do I shout about my website, you may ask. All the major search engines provide services such as paid searches where you pay to have your target audience directed to your website.


Unless you don’t know who your target traffic is, or the keyword words and phrases that you should be concentrating on, paid advertising normally works well at directing visitors to websites, and more so to the new sites. You just need to have your paid search strategies adjusted by an SEO expert who will be able to find the keywords with the highest commercial intent for you to pay for.


There are also affiliate marketing programs whereby you can literally have other people do all that shouting for you, with the promise of pay, of course, once all their shouting brings in customers who convert. Such programs are usually good at driving traffic that has a very high rate of conversion since all the picking and sorting has already been done for you elsewhere.


3. Search Engine Optimization

As you may be aware by now, search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly known, is a viable process of influencing a website’s visibility in the results of the unpaid searches on search engines. SEO comprises of a number of tactics and is more of a process than an action. For small businesses, SEO provides a more affordable way of driving highly targeted traffic to your website because it makes it possible to gain higher rankings within the organic results without having to pay for such a position.


Most of the time when SEO appears not to work as expected, it is usually the fault of poor, unethical and unprofessional services, and not the process itself. There are SEO service providers who do an excellent job in getting your website swarms of traffic, and not just any traffic, but highly targeted traffic. You only need to find the right one for your business to realize the true potential of SEO.


4. Social Media Optimization

The social media presents a great avenue for generating popularity for your website by connecting with people who have already formed online followings, groups and communities. It presents a means to focus on other sources of traffic apart from the usual search engines. With adequate social media optimization (SMO), it is possible to drive a target audience to a particular website from social groups and networks that have already been established, since they already contain people with similar traits and interests.


There are many ways to go about SMO, and some you can do yourself like creating social pages for your business from where you can directly communicate to your customers and follow up on what you have on offer. The more complex steps towards driving highly targeted traffic with good conversion from the social media scene can be done through the assistance and experience of SEO and SMO service providers. These include things like link building, addition of RSS feeds and creation of viral media and posts that spread like wild fire while popularizing your website and business.


5. Blogging

Blogs have many benefits, and driving high target traffic to a website is one such advantage that you would definitely want for yours. If you don’t have a blog section on your site and you are still wondering how to drive the kind of traffic that converts to your website, then it’s high time you included one. Write quality content for your blogs with attention-grabbing headlines and informative, inspiring, entertaining and generally useful body content. Also, write on a regular basis and be consistent with quality.


Your SEO service provider should be able to help you with all that if you know nothing about it, with the intention of driving traffic to your site. They should also be aware of the importance of targeting the long tail keyword versions of your commercial intent keywords within those posts. Guest blogging on other sites that have a similar niche as yours will also go a long way in increasing traffic to your site as long as you can include an author bio with a link back to your website.


Final Word

As you can see, it is very possible to drive highly targeted traffic that converts well to your website and therefore give life and purpose to it. It is always good to consult the experts in times of doubt because they are more skilled and experienced in such things. You only need to know how and who to pick when you go looking for that expert, and the information shared above should pretty much aid you in doing so.




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