Guest Blogger Tips and Techniques

Participating in guest blogging is an excellent way of communicating with others and helping to build long lasting professional relationships. Guest blog posts also provide a link building opportunity to increase the amount of visitors to your website.


How to Build Long Lasting Relationships

Opening up invitations to guest bloggers is a good way of building relationships and engaging in free networking. Getting to know various administrators, webmasters, and authoritative sites within the same or a similar niche is a great way to secure those links. Doing this avoids spending copious amounts of time contacting websites that may not freely offer backlinks. While communicating with sites, it is important to be open and honest about the guest blog links you are providing to them. Any sort of manipulation or trickery will permanently damage any initial trust. Building a good relationship with these sites will provide reliable link sources for long periods of time, possibly even for years. Having an open and ongoing communication with authoritative sites will build a trust between the two you and the blog will help cement that relationship too. Knowing the people who have links pointing to your website and providing those links will also help ensure a long standing relationship.


Using SEO in Guest Blogging

SEO (search engine optimization) is used as a way to generate good backlinks. It is important for your blog to contain high quality, informative content. Encourage guest bloggers to create and post original content instead of rewriting existing content. Also, do not include too many links to your site, as it will have an increased chance of appearing like spam. Instead, have one or two contextual links to link back to your site. This will increase your audience’s awareness of and interest in visiting your website.


The Power of Social Media

Peruse the various social media sites and use them to promote your guest blog posts. This will help you to grow a social media presence. When used correctly social media will encourage your audience to subscribe to your updates, providing positive impact on your SEO. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ will allow you to share content and continuously increase an audience.


Content is king so posting the highest quality original content as possible is the way to go. Keep in mind that it will take time to build up long lasting relationships with authoritative sites focused on similar niches, however, it will be well worth the effort.


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