Getting Lots of Traffic? And No Sales to Show for It?

If you’re getting high volumes of traffic and not enough conversions to show for it, don’t worry. You’re not alone. This isn’t a permanent problem. It is one that you can fix quite easily with conversion optimization.

Total unique visitors as opposed to total visitors

Before we get into how you can improve your sales, there is something you need to understand about conversion rate. Conversion rate experts prefer to use the total number of unique visitors when determining the conversion rate as opposed to the total number of visits to the website.

When people are shopping online, they can be distracted. They frequently move from one web page to another. They may visit the same page several times before they actually make a purchase. Using the total number of visitors to the page would therefore be an inaccurate measure for conversion rate.

It is also important to use a set time period when determining your conversion rate. For example, use the number of conversions in a specific week divided by the number of unique visitors to the page within the same week to determine the conversion rate for that period.

What’s blocking your conversion funnel?

Now that you understand what conversion rate is about, you can begin examining what issues may be hindering you from achieving high conversion rates.

Contrary to what many people believe, conversion optimization is not based on hunches or guesses. It is the result of diagnosis and testing of hypothesis. Any effective CRO strategy will therefore begin with the identification of barriers in the path of conversion of visitors to customers on your website.

To do this you may want to begin by examining the following areas:

• Call to action

Your call to action is one of the most important aspects of conversion. Is it clear? Is it visible? Is it easy to find? Is it compeling?

• Graphics

Graphics aren’t just for making a page look pretty. They play an important role in conversion too. They should be relevant and well placed. They shouldn’t distract the user from what you are trying to communicate. Using fewer and more attractive graphics may help to improve your website’s conversion rates.

• Security

Online consumers are very conscious about their online security. It is therefore important to place an emphasis on security when designing your website. Ensure that visitors understand that their security is a top priority for you. They should be able to trust your website. Make it easy for them to do that.

• Usability

You should make your website as easy to use as possible. Users should be able to navigate the website easily and find what they are looking for. Is the check-out process easy? How many pages or clicks does a user have to go through to complete the buying process? Keep it simple and you will increase your conversions.

• Testimonials

Consumers are easily influenced by what other consumers have to say about a given product or service. If you want to increase your conversions, let visitors know that others like them have been happy with your products or services. Include testimonials on your website. In addition, having a social media profile with customer feedback is a great driver for conversion rates.


Search engine optimization continues to be one of the most effective internet marketing strategies you can use. Ensuring that your SEO strategy is relevant, up to date and accurate will help to improve your website’s conversion rates. Also ensure that you use relevant keywords, correct names, accurate titles and engaging content. Proper SEO will help you ensure that you are driving the right traffic to your website which will improve the overall conversion rates.
There are many other factors to consider. Speak to conversion rate experts to help you identify exactly why your website is not converting as well as it should. They can help you come up with a conversion optimization strategy to maximize your website’s potential.

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