Ethical SEO Increases Organic Traffic by more than 1000%- Case Study

With so many different online marketing tactics available today, organic search engine optimization still continues to be the most effective way to market a business online. Just like buying advertising space on Yellow Pages business owners have to invest in SEO on an ongoing basis to get good results consistently. SEO is a long term marketing strategy that requires consistency for best results. There is no quick and easy way to get good long term results for online marketing. Ethical SEO methods are the only way to get far reaching results.

This is something that can be attested to by a start-up business that was once struggling to get visitors to their site and are now getting more than 1800 unique visitors to their website every month.

The problem

The company depended on advertisements on its website for revenue. Their success was therefore tied to the number of visitors they received to their website. Getting listed on relevant search engine results pages was therefore essential for them to get more traffic to their website.

The problem with the company’s website was that there were several pages that were not being picked up by Google. The website had hundreds of pages that represented a lot of their business. The structure of their website however only allowed a few pages to be picked up by Google.

The structure of the pages made it difficult for the pages to be recognized as actual pages. The website pages were instead designed to be populated with different content depending on the query made by the user of the page.
There was therefore a lot of information on the website that was not recognized by Google.

The solution

The company sought the assistance of SEO professionals to help them develop an SEO strategy that would help them draw more traffic to their website. The solution offered to them by the professionals was a change in the structure of their webpages.

The pages on the website already had a lot of information. The content on the website was high quality content. There was therefore no need to create any more content. The solution was to assign content to unique web pages and include Meta descriptions and titles for the content. This meant that each page would therefore have a unique URL and could therefore be indexed by Google as a unique entity.

Now that information had been assigned to unique pages it was important to ensure that similar content was linked. Internal links were therefore included that pointed to pages that provided deeper content. This is important for modern SEO. Search engines today provide higher ranking for websites that offer in depth information.

The results

The website’s traffic increased from 127 unique visitors per month to more than 1800. This was an increase of more than 1300%. The success of the website was due to the fact that Google was able to index every page on the website because they each had unique URLs. Each page therefore appeared on relevant search results pages.

The increased traffic to the website was attributed to the fact that more web pages were appearing on search results pages. The website’s ranking on search results pages also improved as a result of the increased internal links.

This company benefited a great deal from implementing a simple SEO strategy that was not only effective but also inexpensive.

If you have a website and it is not receiving substantial traffic or you want to grow your online business consider SEO. It is possible that your website’s structure is not search engine friendly especially if the web designer who designed it for you does not have SEO skills. An experienced SEO consultant will easily find any problems with the website that could be making it rank poorly on search engines.

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