Don’t Lose Business to Your Competitor – Use SEO

Even successful businesses suffer slumps in sales every now and then. But losing customers to a competitor is not acceptable. Finding customers in the first place is a challenge in this competitive economy. Keeping them requires work also. But getting them back from your competition is nearly impossible. The keyword here is ‘nearly’. You can regain your competitive edge with the right organic search engine optimization campaign as you will see in the case study below.
Regaining the ‘sit’ at the top

The client

The client was a service and delivery company that was quite popular. In fact the company had a total of 400 locations and more than 10 delivery routes.

The challenge

The company had been depending on its advertisements on online directories for business. They had a website but did not depend on it as much as they did on the online directories for advertising. However, after several years of success, the company began to see a decline in demand for their services. They were losing business to a competitor who used organic search engine marketing techniques to get new customers.

The company’s solution was to switch to pay per click advertising to generate more traffic to their website. Although the company generated more traffic, they did not generate more revenue. It was time for a change in strategy.

The solution

The company hired an SEO company to provide guidance on internet marketing. The company provided them with an SEO strategy that focused on the business-to-business market in the company’s region. The strategy focused on creating a marketing message that fit the company’s goals. This meant getting a better understanding of the company’s target audience and industry as a whole.

The organic search engine optimization strategy also involved adjusting the website to improve navigation and make it easy for readers to find information on the website. High quality content that provided valuable information to readers was also included on the website. Internal links were included to make it easy for readers to get more information about related topics.

The SEO strategy also involved off-page optimization. Top influencers in the industry were identified and involved in the SEO campaign.

The results

The organic SEO campaign resulted in the generation of more leads. The company even had to create new stops on its routes to cater for the new leads generated as a result of the campaign.
The company’s website improved drastically in ranking and began to receive a greater volume of traffic. The website was even able to outrank the competitor’s website and was therefore able to generate more business than its competitor.

The conversion rates on the website increased even further with more inquiries coming in as a result of the high quality content on the website. The company now enjoys a continuous stream of leads as a long term benefit of the SEO campaign.


Although pay per click campaigns are effective in drawing in large volumes of traffic, they are not the answer for a company that wants to increase its conversion rates. This is because PPC campaigns do not always generate qualified traffic. With PPC the long-term costs are also prohibitive.
The SEO campaign was successful because the SEO firm took time to understand the target audience and develop a strategy that was suitable to this niche. The company was therefore able to reap the benefits of a highly effective customer focused SEO campaign.

You can have your own SEO success story by focusing on your target audience and providing them with valuable information on a regular basis. You simply need to get the right guidance. Let us know your needs today and get started on the road to success.

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