Do you want to Grow Your Online Business? Invest in Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimization continues to be one of the most effective online marketing techniques available today. However, many businesses small and large don’t think that it is worth investing in SEO. This is probably because the effects of ethical SEO strategies take time to be felt. When properly executed SEO provides tremendous results for small online business owners. Below are some case studies to show this:

Case Study 1:

Many people think that you have to use the latest internet marketing techniques to get good results. However, traditional organic search engine marketing techniques are still as effective as they were in the past.

A health company for instance experienced a 190% increase in unique visitors to their website by applying simple, traditional and ethical SEO techniques. These include:

• Studying their target audience and providing them with engaging content on their website.
• Engaging their audience on social media and ensuring that any questions, queries and complaints were responded to promptly.
• Publishing high quality content on their website and third party websites.

The website saw an increase in traffic from zero visitors all the way up to 284 000 unique visitors in the space of 12 months through the application of these simple techniques.

Case Study 2:

Organic search engine optimization is one of the simplest and least expensive ways of reaching out to your target audience and marketing your business online. It is an investment that gives great returns for a business compared to other internet marketing techniques such as pay per click advertising.
A financial company can give testament to the cost effectiveness of SEO. The financial services company saw an increase in monthly traffic of 254% after hiring an SEO service company to offer organic SEO services for their website.

The SEO Company helped them develop an SEO strategy to target and attract unique customers to their website. The financial services company agreed to pay the SEO Company a retainer of $800 per quarter for their services. The company spent a total of $3650 and experienced growth of over 150% in visitor numbers within a year. A year later the company was experiencing over 1000% growth in visitor numbers per year!

The financial services company also invested in Google AdWords (PPC) as part of their internet marketing strategy. This cost the company more than $1500 per month to establish and maintain the campaign. Within the first year, the financial company had used a total of $6850 on their PPC campaign. The company spent twice as much on the PPC campaign to get the same results as they did with the SEO campaign.

Case Study 3:

SEO continues to be the most effective way to draw organic traffic to your website. However, many people don’t understand the real aim of SEO as being to draw qualified traffic to your website. By applying ethical SEO techniques, a website can receive a larger volume of qualified traffic.
The benefits of organic search engine tactics were felt by a company whose business was selling products online. Through an effective SEO campaign, the company was able to attract more targeted traffic. The company was able to grow its visitors by an average of 33%.

This number may be modest but what is impressive with the company’s SEO campaign is that it was able to increase conversion rates also. The company increased the percentage of visitors who were actually interested in purchasing their products. These higher conversion rates had a direct impact positively on the company’s bottom line.

As you can see with proper SEO your company will spend less and yet see increases in overall profits.

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