Conversion Rate Optimization: Why SEO is More than optimizing for the Search Engines

Search engine optimization has been and continues to be one of the most effective internet marketing strategies available. In recent years, SEO and conversion rate experts have been preaching on the benefits of turning your focus away from search engine ranking and on to conversions as a measure of your success.

It is therefore surprising to find that many businesses still focus on being in the top position on search engine rankings for keywords as a measure of their success. Their reasoning is that they will have beaten their competition in the selected keywords.

This approach is flawed however for several reasons. One of them being that top ranking doesn’t automatically mean higher conversions.

Conversion optimization for SEO should therefore be your priority. This will help you deliver targeted traffic to your website and improve your chances of getting conversions. This in turn will help you to grow your revenue.

Delivering targeted traffic

The following tips will help you drive targeted traffic to your website through SEO and improve conversion optimization:

1. What’s working for you

Before you begin an overhaul of your website, examine it to see what is already working for you. This is assuming that you already have a website and that you have already setup a way to keep track of conversions such as Google Analytics.

This will help you to understand what is driving your conversions. For example, you need to find out which keywords are giving you the most conversions. You may want to add new keywords with greater potential for conversions to the list of keywords you use for your website.

2. Using long tail keywords

It is becoming increasingly important to target long tail keywords for effective SEO. This is even more important if you want to improve your conversion rates. It is more important to go after quality traffic than it is going after high ranking on generic keywords. Long tail keywords will help with conversion optimization.

3. Visitor intention

It is important to examine visitor intention on your website especially if it is an ecommerce website. Visitor intention is the process through which the visitors go through before they finally make a purchase. This is particularly true for items of high value. The stage the visitors are at in the process will influence whether they are more likely to purchase the item or not.

Conversion rate experts advise that it is best to capture visitors when they are at the purchase stage of the process. Many people who optimize their websites often capture visitors at any stage. Applying conversion rate optimization strategies will help to improve conversion rates by targeting visitors who are at the buying stage.

To capture your target audience at this final stage of the process, you will have to go back to your keywords and filter them to target those with a clear intention. This strategy ties in with the use of long tail keywords. You can use long tail keywords to target buyers that are further along the process–compare these two search phrases for instance:

Search 1: buy dresses

Search 2: buy little black cocktail dresses

While the first searcher is not sure about what type of dresses they want to buy the second searcher is looking for specific type of dress.

CRO and SEO work hand in hand to provide you with great results. While you focus on driving quality traffic to your website with SEO, CRO focuses on encouraging the visitors to take the appropriate action.

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