Case Study in Search Engine Optimization

Increasing traffic to your website doesn’t always equal increasing leads. There is more to SEO than simply working to increase traffic. SEO is about creating leads and thereby increasing your opportunities for increased revenue. This should therefore be your focus with SEO.

There are many great SEO tactics that can help you increase your revenue even without significantly increasing the volume of traffic to your website. This is because effective search engine optimization is designed to attract internet users who are already interested in your products or services. You therefore have a higher chance of converting these visitors to customers unlike other random visitors.

Why you should stick to Ethical SEO tactics

Organic search engine optimization is the only way to attract targeted traffic that will result in increased revenues for your business. The company in this case study experienced this first hand.

The client

This company was a law firm with a website. The company had invested in a PPC campaign that generated a lot of traffic. However, the company still didn’t get as much business out of the campaign as they’d have liked. They employed an SEO professional to look into their online marketing campaigns.

The problem

Although the PPC campaign was drawing large volumes of traffic to the website, the conversion from the traffic was low. The strategy simply wasn’t resulting in enough revenue to justify investing in it.
The SEO Company that was contracted took some time to study the campaign and came up with the conclusion that it was simply not drawing the right kind of traffic to the website.

The solution

The SEO Company designed and implemented a simple SEO strategy that was designed based on traditional SEO tactics. The campaign involved the following:

1. Careful selection of keywords
Keywords are central to an SEO campaign. The SEO consultant selected keywords that had a large volume of traffic to help drive qualified leads to the company’s website. These leads had a higher probability of converting to clients.

2. Site optimization

The consultants studied the company’s website and determined that it was outdated. The design and structure of the website simply did not allow search engine bots to crawl the website’s pages adequately. Many pages on the website were therefore not being indexed by search engines and not appearing on relevant search results pages.

The solution was to redesign the website and optimize the content on the website using the keywords selected. Some of the changes made on the website included adding internal links, Meta tags and titles and navigation tools.

3. High quality content

The company already had content on their website. However, the company was making a big mistake. They were using too many keywords and some duplicate content from article directories. The solution for this was to create high quality content for the website that was properly optimized for the search engines. In addition, the content provided was written to sound natural and to provide readers with information that they would find valuable.

The results

The company saw a whopping 300% increase in traffic in just over six months. Considering that the company already had a large volume of traffic to the site, the most impressive feat was the 200% increase in conversion rates.

Final word

Increased traffic to a website does not always equal increased revenue. You should focus on developing an effective SEO strategy to help ensure that your website receives qualified traffic instead of just any type of traffic.

If you want to increase your revenues, invest in search engine optimization. It is the most effective internet marketing tool available today.

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