Are You Making These SEO Mistakes?

SEO continues to be an important online marketing tactic. However, it is still evolving alongside the changes made to search engine algorithms. Many people therefore still make mistakes when it comes to SEO. The following are some of the most common SEO mistakes made today. Many people don’t even know that they are making them. Read on to find out more:

1. Using duplicate content

This problem is probably one of the most common and oldest problems experienced in SEO. It often results from failing to configure content management systems or simply having sloppy coding on your website. It is however important to deal with this problem as soon as possible as the penalties for duplicate content can often be very hefty.

Duplicate content occurs when the same or similar content appears on two different URLs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have copied content from another source or website. It can simply mean that you have the same content on two different web pages e.g. the first copy appears on your website at http:/// and the second appears on This will be detected by search engines as duplicate content.

2. Having thin content

Images are a great way to attract and engage customers. However, they simply cannot be read and indexed by search engine crawlers. Having pages with no or little text at all will therefore hurt you. It is important to include text that search engine crawlers can read and index.

When search engines encounter pages with thin content (little or no text) they automatically assume that the page is of low quality. They therefore give it a low ranking.

3. Forgetting to focus on the users

This is a very common mistake among people who are just getting into SEO. Many people focus on getting large volumes of traffic to their websites. They then forget about the experience of the users once they are on the website. It doesn’t help you to be able to drive many people to your website only to have them turn away because they are not interested in what you have to offer or have had a poor user experience on your website.

It is important to ensure that your websites offer visitors a good user experience. To do this, make sure that:

• The content you provide on the website is relevant to the users

• Your website is easy to navigate to ensure users can get the information they want much faster

• Your website’s loading speed is fast. This ensures that users can get the information they want much faster

• Your website’s layout is attractive to users

4. Using an uncrawlable content

It is important for search engine crawlers to be able to read the content on your website so as to index it. Content such as images, videos and flash cannot be crawled by most search engine crawlers. You will therefore find that your web pages are not indexed as a result.

It is important to include as much text as possible to support content that cannot be crawled. Use descriptions with keywords for images and videos to ensure that they can be indexed.

5. Cutting back on your budget

Many businesses prefer to save money where they can. This however, can result in the business losing out on quality and therefore not being able to maximize its potential. It is important not to compromise where SEO is concerned.

You should therefore avoid hiring a company that will provide you with cheap but low quality services. You would rather spend more money on hiring a high quality service that delivers good results and therefore gives you better returns on your investment. Remember that affordable doesn’t always mean cheap.

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