Amazing Search Engine Optimization Results for Small Online Businesses

Are you wondering whether to invest in search engine optimization or not? SEO is now a necessity if you are run an online business. Although it may take several months to get results with search engine optimization, the results are long lasting and will change the way you run your business. With proper SEO your business will experience growth year on year basis.

Below are some businesses that have had good results with SEO:

Website structural change results in a 1367% increase in organic traffic

The first case study is of a company whose business is completely dependent on the amount of website traffic it received. The structure of their website however was designed in a way that meant some pages were hidden from Google’s search engine crawlers.

The solution was to make some simple changes to the structure of the website to improve its ‘crawlability’. This meant including internal links and changing the page structure so that Google bots recognized each page as unique.

The result was an increase in traffic by 1367% per month. This occurred as a result of Google indexing each page and therefore listing specific pages in relevant search results pages.

Social networking to get attention

Getting viewers to your website can be difficult especially if you are in a highly competitive industry. It can also be difficult if you are selling products or services that are common and difficult to get people excited about -coat hangers anybody? However, with the right organic search engine marketing strategy, you can get the traffic you need to succeed online.

A good example is a company that sells coat hangers. They found it difficult to attract people to their blog as it isn’t easy to get guest blogs or comments on coat hangers. They instead used a creative image based on the ‘Keep calm and carry on’ posters on their social profiles i.e. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit and many others. They provided links and descriptions that allowed users to share the image on their profiles. This small investment resulted in an increase of visitors to the company’s website by 300 visitors per month.

190% growth in visitor numbers per month through content marketing

The use of quality content is becoming increasingly important for organic search engine optimization. The proof is in the pudding as they say and a nationwide funeral plan company experienced this when visitors to their website increased to over 2000 from 900 in just a month.
These amazing results came about from building the company’s blog up using high quality content. The blog articles used were educative and informed readers on the services offered by the company. This resulted in readers sending inquiries to the company.

Inquiries to the company doubled in the month.

Increased traffic quality

The aim of any organic SEO strategy is more than simply getting more people to your website. As a small business, your aim will be to increase sales. You therefore need high quality traffic. This is possible through effective ethical SEO strategies as one company learned.

The company saw an increase in sales by 13% by applying effective SEO strategies. The SEO campaign the company applied focused on increasing online inquiries and traffic to specific product pages on their website. The overall traffic to the website as a result of the campaign increased only modestly. However, the percentage of visitors to the website that were actually interested in purchasing something increased overall. The campaign therefore succeeded in increasing the conversion rates and the company’s profitability overall.

As you can see search engine optimization continues to be one of the most effective and least expensive ways to drive highly targeted traffic to any website.

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