7 Tips for Better Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is becoming one of the best social networks for marketers. While other social networks are about what you are doing and who you are, Pinterest is about possibilities. It is about who you want to be. People using this social network pin pictures of what they would like to do or be. It is about their aspirations. This is a great opportunity for any smart marketer.

Pinterest search optimization is a growing opportunity that marketers ought to take advantage of today. However, searches on Pinterest are slightly different from other social networking sites. The website provides a Guided Search designed to help users sift through billions of pins and find what they are looking for.

Here is how you can make it to the top of the mix on Pinterest’s Guided Search results:

1. Start with your profile

You should begin by providing a clear and detailed description of your business. This does not mean that it should be long. A short but clear description that provides a strong description of what your business is about is good enough. It is advisable to include some searchable keywords. This will help you appear on relevant searches.

2. Include a verified website link

Include a link to your website on your profile. Ensure that you verify your website. This carries a lot of weight on Pinterest searches. It gives your profile more authority.

3. ‘Pin it’ buttons on your website

You can create a following for your website by simply including ‘Pin it’ buttons on your website. This encourages visitors to your website to pin content on their profiles. You‘ll get a higher number of posts and they will rank higher. You will get recognition as an authority.

4. The descriptions matter

The descriptions you use for content that can be pinned are important. Ensure that you use searchable keywords in the descriptions of the page or product. The descriptions act as captions on Pinterest. It is therefore important to avoid sounding spammy. You should also avoid the use of hashtags on Pinterest.

Ensure that your descriptions are straightforward. They should provide the viewer with a clear idea of what to expect on the page. Use simple words.
The same should apply to the descriptions you use for your boards. Use simple names. Keep your descriptions short and straightforward.

5. Use rich pins
These are similar to Twitter Cards. You can use several types. They can show users the price or availability of a product, phone number or location of a place on a map or the ingredients in a recipe.

Rich pins are proving to be very successful on Pinterest. They have a high click through rate and are more visible on users’ feeds. They will help you rank higher on Pinterest searches too.
Use rich pins as they also help to improve search engine results. The same markup used in Pinterest generates search results for rich snippets on search engines such as Google.

6. Are your links working?

Ensure that your links are sending visitors from Pinterest to the right pages. Sending traffic to expired or deleted pages will hurt your rankings and put users off. If the specific product is out of stock, place similar products or items on the page instead of leaving it blank. Users may be interested in the other products too.

7. Find a niche that suits your objectives

Pins about travel, cooking and fashion dominate Pinterest. However, there is still a lot of potential for other topics. If your specific topic is competitive, look for a niche that has high search volumes but little content.

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