6 Key Tactics the Pros Use for SEO

The SEO industry is a highly competitive one. Everyone is working hard to be at the top of the search engine rankings in their industry. The competition won’t let up as long as the Internet remains the main source of information. In fact, the competition is bound to get even tougher as more businesses realize the power of the Internet and generating organic traffic through search results pages.

This doesn’t mean that it is time for you to throw in the towel. On the contrary, it’s time for you to step it up. It’s time for you to learn some of the tricks of the trade.

Top SEO Tactics

1. Original and high quality content

One of the best ways to stand out from the online competition is to be recognized as an authority in your industry. You can do this by providing visitors to your website with high quality content.
Provide readers with content that is educative and beneficial to them. You will in this way be highlighting your expertise and value over time.

It is also important to remember that search engines are also evolving. Gone are the days when it was enough to simply add keywords to your content. Search engines today value quality over everything else.

Take your time therefore to learn about what your readers would be interested in reading. Write high quality content that will educate readers. Ensure that you keep the content fresh and up to date. Post articles on your website, blog or social profile to build your reputation as well as attract and engage customers.

2. Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your content is still central to effective SEO. It is important to look for keywords that are specific to your industry. It is also important to find out which keywords are used most in local searches. This is especially important for small businesses whose audiences are local.

There are various free tools you can use to find the right keywords including Google’s Keyword Planner. Use keywords with low competition and high search volume and include them in your content.

3. Use targeted keywords in title tags and Meta descriptions

The use of keywords should not be reserved for the content of the website. The keywords should also be used in the title tags and Meta descriptions of the website.

The title tags of the website give the reader an idea of what the website or webpage is about. The Meta description gives the reader an idea of what to expect if they click on the link. It is therefore important to use these to entice the reader to click on the link.

Use short and catchy title tags and Meta descriptions. Incorporate keywords naturally into them to ensure that search engines pick them up.

4. Include a site map

This is one SEO tactic that is overlooked by many. It is a great way to make it easier for search engines to index your website. A site map will help to give search engines a clear layout of how your site is connected. It will also help users in navigating your website.

5. Concentrate on the local market

Many internet users today are specific when they are searching for information. They will search for local service providers as opposed to searching for general service or product providers. It is therefore important to ensure that you are visible to the local customer. This means using local search marketing tactics such as:

• Claiming your listings on Google Maps
• Using local search keywords
• Listing your business on Google+ Local Page and many more

6. Social Media

Social media is proving to be a great ally for businesses that understand how to use these platforms to their advantage. It is a great way to share information with your customers. Provide them with quality content and encourage them to share, like or pin the information so that you can increase the number of links to your website. This boosts your rankings with search engines.

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