5 Things You Don’t Know About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy that has been available since the introduction of search engines. Although this marketing strategy is one of the oldest in online marketing, it is also one of the most effective and continues to grow in importance.

More people today have access to the Internet than ever before thanks to advancements in mobile technology. Many consumers today use search engines to access information for education, business, shopping, leisure and entertainment. However, most internet users will not go beyond the second and third search engine results pages after performing a search. It is therefore important for a business to ensure that they are listed in the first page of relevant search result pages.

Not as Straightforward

SEO however is more of a challenge in practice than it is in theory. It is not as easy to control as other online marketing tools such as email marketing or paid advertisements. This is because the results of a SEO campaign are not entirely up to what you do in your campaign. They are also dependent on what others are doing. It is therefore important to remember that as you strive to improve your campaign, your competition is also working on their campaigns.

SEO is not as straight forward as many people like to think it is. There are many factors that you may not be aware of that could help boost your campaigns.

Below are some of those factors:

SEO’s top 5 Secrets

1. Daily monitoring and analysis

In the past, it was enough to have a monthly report detailing various aspects of an SEO campaign. However, it has become necessary to perform daily analysis and monitoring of the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

This means that your SEO strategy must integrate both the human and machine aspects of SEO in its daily reporting. There are various tools available to help you seamlessly integrate the two including Google Analytics, various heat mapping software among others.

2. Conversion rates and Keywords

Keywords are central to any successful SEO campaign. It is vital to choose the right keywords for your campaign. This will ensure that you are visible in relevant searches.
However, today’s SEO has developed beyond just being visible for keywords that you choose. It is now becoming more important to determine the keywords that your target audience is most likely to use when searching for your services or products.

3. Quick back-linking strategies

Many business owners would like to see their websites soar to the top of search rankings in the shortest time possible. It is therefore no surprise that many of them buy into back linking strategies that promise many links within a short time to propel their websites to higher rankings in SERPs.
This however is only bound to hurt your rankings with the recent changes made to algorithms of many popular search engines including Google. Google’s Panda update will not only downgrade your rankings but will also penalize your website for using black hat techniques to build backlinks.

4. Fierce competition

The competition for the top is fierce. You therefore have to keep up with what the competition is up to so as to be able to stay competitive. You should keep tabs on your competitors’ websites. There are various software tools that you can use to keep tabs on the competition.

5. Content is key

While it was enough to provide short content pieces with relevant keywords in the past and get top rankings, it is becoming more important to provide users with relevant information. Search engines are now are more interested in relevant information (length, level of engagement with the content, etc.) that would be useful to users and not just for relevant keywords.

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