5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Buying Organic SEO Services

Organic search engine optimization is a vital part of any successful online marketing strategy. Internet users today trust organic search results more than they trust ads and other forms of advertising online. Search engines today play the critical role of being third party endorsers to websites. Users believe that the websites that appear high on the organic search listings of a given search engine are more highly recommended by the search engine.

Organic search engine marketing results in an increase in traffic and higher conversion rates. It is therefore important to search for a company that can provide you with high quality services. If you are looking to buy organic SEO services bear the following facts in mind:

1. Off-page optimization is just as important as on-page optimization

Many web design companies that you approach for web design will tell you that they also provide SEO services. However, a vast majority will limit their services to on-page optimization (SEO on your website). You’d therefore be forced to look for another company that provides off-page SEO (results in natural links being built to your website).

If you’re a small business, you will want to hire a company that can provide both on and off-page optimization. It is much easier to deal with a single company than to have to switch companies for different services. It will also be much cheaper.

2. Google can identify unnatural links

It was very popular in the past to either buy links or use automated software to get millions of links within a short time. This however will not work as effectively today. Updates to search engine algorithms have made search engines able to identify unnatural links.

Ask the company you want to hire how many links they can build and how long it would take for them to do so. Avoid companies that promise that they can build so many links within a short period of time. This would not only raise a red flag with Google but also means that the company is probably buying links or using other black hat techniques to obtain back links more quickly.

3. Number 1 ranking is not everything

There is much more to organic search engine optimization than obtaining the number 1 ranking for a keyword. You may be ranked high for keywords that are not relevant to your website. You will therefore receive a lot of traffic but still have a low conversion rate.

It is therefore important to ask the company you are interested in working with what keywords they will optimize your website for. Take a look at the keywords and ensure that they are relevant to your website and have commercial value. This will help you get noticed by the right kind of people.

4. Affordable is not cheap

If there is one word an owner of a small business likes to hear it is ‘savings’. Small business owners will do all they can to save money and rightly so. However, it is important to be willing to spend enough money when it is called for.

There is no such thing as cheap SEO services. A company offering cheap services will have to cut back on many costs in order to provide cheap services. This means that the quality of their work will most likely be compromised. Avoid these companies as you will still have to spend more money to correct the mistakes made.

5. There is ‘no guarantee’ for number one ranking

Ranking is affected by various factors. Many of these factors are out of anybody’s control. No company should therefore assure you of number one ranking on any keyword especially if they say they will do it within a few days.

A good SEO company is however able to get a first page ranking for your website depending on the keywords they target. With time they can also manage to get the number 1 slot for your target keywords.

This will however take time and proper understanding of SEO best practices.
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