4 Tips to Take Advantage of Local SEO

Take Advantage of Local SEO – Read These 4 Tips

The world of search engine optimization is constantly changing. It is becoming increasingly important to focus on local search engine optimization especially for businesses that are trying to attract the local consumer. Tactics to improve local SEO are also constantly changing. The following tips will help you improve your local SEO strategy and ensure long term results.

1. Optimize your local Google+ profile

If you haven’t already done so, you need to ensure that you have created a Google+ profile for your business. This is not to be confused with being registered on Google Places. Having a local Google+ profile for your business is an indicator of the legitimacy of your business.
The following five tips will help you optimize your Google+ listings:

• Create your listing as soon as possible. If you find that someone else is controlling it, then you can contact Google directly to dispute control of the listings.

• Provide as much information about your business on your profile as possible. This will enrich your profile and help users identify your business in terms of products or services. Include information such as business name, address, photos, services, products, working hours, etc.

• Select categories for your business that are the most relevant. You are allowed to select five categories.

• Ensure that there are no duplicate listings. If there are any duplicates, request Google to either merge or delete the duplicate listings.

2. Use content that is targeted at the local community

It is important to provide content that is targeted at the local communities that you seek to reach. If you are targeting various locations, create landing pages that are targeted at the different locations. It is important to ensure that the content is unique on each page i.e. use local terms and information (addresses, zip codes and place names).

Ensure that you use keywords that are targeted to local areas e.g. if you are running a window cleaning business in Florida, instead of using keywords such as ‘window cleaner’ use a targeted keyword such as ‘window cleaner Florida’.

3. Take advantage of reviews

Reviews have a big impact on businesses. High star rating can help in attracting new business. Positive reviews are vital for local businesses because:

• They will boost the ranking of the business on search engines. They will therefore improve your visibility on local searches.

• They will help convert searches to views, clicks and leads.
Generating positive reviews for your business is good for business. However, it is easier said than done. You get reviews from customers who are happy or unhappy with your services. You can generate more positive reviews and restrict the impact of negative reviews by requesting satisfied customers to write reviews for your business. The following tips will help you get more positive reviews:

• Develop a simple process through which customers can give reviews. Ensure that employees understand the process so that they can assist customers give reviews.

• Ensure that customers understand the importance of positive reviews for your business. Show how positive reviews have assisted other businesses.

• The best time to ask for reviews is when you have completed your business with the customer and they are happy with your services. Their satisfaction is highest at this time.

4. Implement a social strategy

There are many benefits of ensuring that you implement a social strategy for your business. The popularity of a business benefits a great deal from having more tweets, likes and shares.
This increases your ranking on local searches therefore improving the visibility of your business online. Customers are also more likely to trust a business that is widely accepted on social platforms.

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