4 Things about SEO that are easily Misunderstood by Leaders


SEO is essential to the way we do business. The online environment still relies on the ability of people to find you via organic search. The lack of a proper SEO strategy can dramatically impact your profitability.

Misunderstanding how SEO works is one of the biggest reasons why companies don’t profit from this integral part of online marketing.

  1. SEO is Not an Optional Extra

Even today, consumers will continue to use SEO as a way to find out what they want to buy and who from. Visibility on Google is essential because this is where consumers will look for things.

The fact is the statistics say this is where the majority of a website’s traffic comes from. It helps to connect businesses with clients.

There are many factors that influence how high a site ranks. One of the most important is links from an authoritative third-party website. Google considers these to be types of endorsements for your website.

You must consider SEO a built-in part of your marketing strategy. Integrate it with other departments for the best results, and don’t assume this is an add-on you can choose to use or not to use.

Here’s how to use SEO with other departments:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an element of traffic generation for most companies. To get the ideal content, you should research your target audience.

If you do this prior to creating content, you can tailor everything according to the current needs and actions of your target audience. SEO will always help with this due to traffic insights.

Paid Search

Some leaders consider paid traffic to be entirely different to organic SEO. This is not the case. An SEO specialist can increase your reach through clever use of SEO and organic campaigns.

Paid search and organic search do require slightly different strategies. They require specialized knowledge. But what they have in common is they address people who’re entering search queries into Google.

SEO and PPC teams working together can gain a great many benefits this way.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Bringing more visitors to your website is but a part of the equation. You need to increase conversion rates, depending on what you want them to do when they hit your website. SEO can improve your conversion rates. It only works this way if you deeply understand your target audience though.

Here are some key questions you must answer:

  • Why did the visitor first stumble upon your website?
  • What is their goal when they browse through your website?
  • How will they act once they have the answers they need?

SEO experts with this knowledge will better understand the human psychology of their target audience. This data enables you to improve communication and enhance conversion rates.

Business Development

The insights you get from Google can protect your business against any future changes that may not work in your favor. If you can dig into historical data, you can gain a number of key things. Here are some of the things you can find out:

  • Analysis of your market.
  • The activities of your competitors.
  • Future sales forecasts.
  • How you should position your resources.

By discovering this information, you can position yourself to become a leader within your market. You can beat out your competition because knowledge is power.

SEO analysts will enable you to find out information about venturing into new markets, and any obstacles you may come across. In essence, the right SEO expert will protect your investments by warning you of potential dangers associated with new ventures.

Branding & Communication

Okay, so at this point, you have an idea of the psychology of your prospective customers. Now you have a better idea about what your brand’s message should be and how you should communicate. At this point, your messages will be more coherent and resonate more with your audience.

The best part is it costs nothing to access this data. Google provides these insights entirely free of charge.

SEO will also help you find the obstacles causing customers problems, such as:

  • Whether there’s a language barrier.
  • Do they have the answers to commonly asked questions?
  • Have you adequately solved a major problem faced by customers?

When you understand, through SEO, what your customers really care about, you can open a lot of doors. Some of the things you can do now include offering valuable information, using data in the best possible way, planning your future campaigns, and boosting impact by combining other data gathered.

SEO integration with your online and offline marketing efforts can enhance your company’s growth rate and give you better results. Attempting to use SEO as an add-on isn’t going to work, and it’s one of the biggest reasons why businesses fail to get the results they want.

  1. SEO Will Never Replace Sub-Par Products

SEO is a way to bring people to your product, but it will never act as a substitute for a poor quality product. Before you focus on SEO, make sure you have a product people actually want.

Google only wants good quality websites ranking high on the search engine. The way customers feel about you will influence how high you rank. Google wants people to return to the websites that rank high, so you need to come up with a product that keeps users coming back.

Business leaders need to understand Google isn’t a fix for a product that isn’t selling. It’s vital that you’re selling something people actually want. Before you assume SEO is the answer, take a look at what you’re selling. It may give you a vital insight into your business.

So how should you do this?

  • Begin by assessing how much of an impact SEO changes are having on your business.
  • Talk to your customers. Get some reviews about your product and its functions. Does your target audience appreciate your product?
  • Act on the information you receive. It’s amazing how many business leaders don’t act on the feedback they receive.

Take note, sometimes your SEO campaign can be perfectly efficient, yet a low-quality product destroys its ability to work in the way you want.

  1. SEO Can’t be Replaced with a Plug-in

Plug-ins are a popular method of getting things done. But what a plug-in will never do is replace an SEO expert. Whilst 76 million websites rely on WordPress, too many business leaders are relying on plug-ins as a way to avoid paying out for a real professional.

Business leaders misunderstand SEO is far more complex than ticking a setting on the WordPress control panel.

SEO professionals prevent you from making costly SEO mistakes. They find all the small things that may be adversely impacting your ranking. They will conduct SEO audits and make suggestions for further development.

The technical side of SEO can’t be covered with a plug-in. It requires a human touch to get the results you’re looking for.

  1. SEO Isn’t Anything Other than Data-Driven

Good SEO must always be driven by data. Search engine marketing is always influenced by the user. It’s not something you can blame Google for if it goes wrong. All the SEO experts agree that poor planning is the single biggest reason campaigns fail.

Business leaders must understand the failure of a campaign is ALWAYS their fault. It’s not the fault of Google or the concept of SEO. We all make mistakes, but your next move should be driven by what’s just happened. Don’t make the same mistakes year after year.

An SEO expert can help with planning. They will allow you to reach prospective customers you previously couldn’t reach because of sub-optimal planning.

Good SEO is about making decisions based on the facts. Digital analytics are the core of all SEO. Business leaders should never make decisions through gut feeling. This is where mistakes happen, and it can lead to thousands of dollars lost.

The trick is figuring out what data you should take into account and what you should disregard. Only an SEO professional can do that for you.

Hire the Right Person

We’ve established that the principle many business leaders don’t understand is that whilst SEO is important, it can’t be done by anyone. No plug-in can take care of all your SEO needs. You need an expert to take command of your campaign because there are so many facets to take into account.

It will require an investment, and this is sometimes quite a significant investment, but it’s also an investment you can recoup many times over. SEO is the single most important factor in organic traffic.

Let us take control of your SEO campaign today. We’re a team of SEO experts with a strong track record in turning businesses and their online marketing campaigns around. Not only will we show you where you can improve, but we will help you integrate SEO into the fabric of your company.

Contact us today and tell us what you need us to do. You won’t be disappointed!




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