Are you in a Tough Niche? You can Crack it with SEO-Case Study

There are some products that are easy to market. These products may be in high demand or are simply easy to get people chatting about online. Then there are those products or services that are tough or near impossible to market. These may be products that are in a competitive niche or it may simply be difficult to get people talking about these products or services.

Organic search engine marketing can be a bit challenging. Results can take some time to be seen even as the strategy is adjusted to suit the unique needs of the company. It can be even more challenging for a company that is already in a tough niche.

Coat hanger business

One great example of a tough niche is the coat hanger industry. It isn’t easy to create a buzz about coat hangers online. There isn’t much to be discussed on coat hangers. Getting traffic to a website of a company that sells coat hangers would therefore be an uphill task.

This was true for a coat hanger business. They had a website as well as social media profiles for the company. However, they just couldn’t get enough attention or even succeed in getting people to post on their social profiles.

The solution

Infographics are becoming a popular way to generate inbound links for websites. They offer businesses an opportunity to present facts and figures to readers in an interesting and simple way. Many websites and internet users like to link to and use these interesting and attractive graphics on their own social profiles and websites.
The challenge for this company was that there weren’t many interesting facts about coat hangers that could be presented on an infographic for readers. The company instead came up with an interesting graphic that they could share on their social profiles as part of their social campaign. This graphic was based on the ‘Keep Calm and Don’t Panic’ slogan from World War II.

The company changed the slogan to ‘Keep Calm and Hang On’. The crown on the slogan poster was replaced by a hanger. This slogan was then shared on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Links were included to allow viewers to share, retweet or pin the graphic on their own social media profiles.

The result

The improvements were seen within a week of posting and sharing this image. The company’s website received more than 300 new visitors on the same week. This was a 5% increase in traffic in just a week. The image was re-tagged, reposted and shared all over the Internet. Activity on the company’s social media profiles spiked.


Even if you are in a tough niche, organic search engine optimization and a mix of social media marketing can help you drive a large volume of traffic to your website. The results of your SEO campaign don’t have to take a long time to be felt. The company in this case study is a good example. The results of their SEO strategy began taking effect within a week!

Although it can be challenging to get people talking about a product or service that you offer, you can imprint your brand in their minds through creative SEO and social media marketing tactics. This company used a simple image with a common slogan to get attention from their target audience. You can use text, infographics or any other medium in SEO to draw attention to your brand. Simply ensure that it will be memorable.

The company continues to enjoy inbound links to its website and social media profiles thanks to this one image. More and more people continue to share it across the Internet. You can enjoy the same success with your online business.

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