10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

If you have used SEO services some years or even months ago and then stopped and are now experiencing a loss in search traffic today, do not be alarmed. This is quite normal. SEO after all is a continual process. It is something that you need to do for the long term. There is no quick fix when it comes to SEO-you have keep optimizing your website. SEO changes as online consumer behaviors and search engines change. You should therefore be ready to change your strategies every now and then.

The following tips will get you started on the right path to increase traffic to your website or blog. As said earlier, there are no quick fixes to SEO. However, these tips will provide you with results faster than most techniques and tactics out there.

1. Ditch the lone keywords and focus on long-tail keywords
Back in the day, it was enough to have a single word as a keyword. However, this is not applicable anymore. You need to ensure that you use long tail keywords if you want to have better rankings on search results pages and therefore drive more traffic to your website.

Online consumers are becoming more specific about what they are searching for when making queries on search engines. Search engines are also striving to provide users with a better user experience. This means providing users with more relevant search results based on many more signals than just keywords.

Using relevant long-tail keywords will give you a higher chance of gaining higher rankings for relevant searches and increase the number of visitors to your website.

2. Get social
Social networking is one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to your website. It is also one of the easiest. Simply start a group on a social website such as Facebook. This group or page can be a source of information for users and members. They can ask you questions and get support for problems they may be facing.

Be sure to include links to relevant pages in your responses or content on the page. This will drive traffic to pages on your website that are of interest to them.

3. Use your email list to promote blog posts
People do not visit the same blogs daily in search of the latest posts. Not even if your blog is a great one. You can however, make them aware of new content by promoting your blog posts to your email list. This will increase your traffic and conversions significantly.

4. Use interesting and catchy headlines
Many readers determine whether they will continue reading by looking at the headlines of a blog post or web page. Be sure to use catchy headlines that will pique their interest.

5. Link similar posts on your blog
When you write a post on a particular topic, be sure to include a mention and link to a post that may be related or similar. The information in the linked post may be beneficial to the reader. This will not only be good for SEO but will also increase the visitors’ time on the site and is likely to improve your conversion rates.

6. Join a blogging community
This will give you the opportunity to network with other bloggers and benefit from cross promotion.

7. Write guest posts for other relevant blogs
Contribute to other relevant and high quality blogs and websites and establish yourself as an authority. Be sure to include links to your website in your profile to lead traffic back to your website.

8. Optimize the posts you already have on your page.
Ensure that you have used relevant keywords, title tags, Meta descriptions and SEO friendly URLS.

9. Post content more frequently
Search engines and visitors love fresh content. Post new and high quality content more frequently to increase traffic to your site.

19. Respond to comments

This will help you create a relationship with your followers. Relationships are valuable for creating a faithful following and improving your conversion rates.

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