Product Branding

Product Branding is one of the things that we as an SEO Company need to always stay on top of, because in addition to all the traditional benefits of proper branding, Google is now putting special focus on Branding as one of the big new influencing factors in the world of search engine optimization.

Product Branding encompasses many aspects of an overall product (or service). That includes the visual / graphic design angle, where logo, packaging colors, and similar visual features of the brand are analyzed. Brand Message and the wording and language used to describe the brand to both customers and suppliers. It also includes a thorough understanding of the target audience, and analysis of their tastes, tendencies and demographics to better position the brand to appeal to them.

At Positronic Design, we consider all those factors and more when advising our clients on Product Branding. We can then also implement Product Branding decisions across a wide range of business channels, including print design, interactive / video / multimedia design, web site design, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. We are also experienced at using branding to enhance the overall value and return on investment for Pay Per Click search advertising campaigns.

Call us today at 800-472-3765 if we can help your company improve its product branding or help implement existing branding strategy across a wide range of media.

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