Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

One aspect of being an SEO Company is managing clients’ Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, usually as an adjunct to ongoing organic search engine optimization efforts. Pay Per Click, most commonly Google Adwords, is a time-honored way to bring traffic to your web site for what can often be a very cost-effective level of spending. Companies should tread carefully with PPC, however, because a poorly managed campaign can quickly become very expensive for not much gain.

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With PPC advertising, effective management is usually broken down into:

1) Choosing the right strategy and products/services to market.

2) Identifying the correct keywords to drive relevant traffic to the site.

3) Designing the proper landing page mechanisms to convert site visitors.

If these things can be done with clarity and effectiveness, then PPC advertising is an excellent compliment to organic search engine optimization strategies, which usually are performed concurrently.

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If you can’t get the keywords you want as organic search listings, then you may well want to skip all that waiting and start coming up on the Google search results pages NOW, and not potentially months from now.

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