Keyword Research Job Spec

1) I would send you a URL and you would look through it and extract 20 to 50 good relevant keywords from the site’s obvious content.

2) Then put that list and the URL into the Google KeywordPlanner, and generate 800 or so keywords.

3) Export this list to a spreadsheet and open it in Excel or OpenOffice.

4) Delete the contents of the column with USD in it. The column should remain.

5) then delete the Competition column completely

6) then delete the four bogus columns to the right of CPC. Now you have your raw material to copy into the spreadsheet I sent you.

7) Copy everything but the headers into the Rank Sort tab. The headers and two sample lines are already there for you. Just copy and paste carefully. Replace the two sample lines with the new data.

Now comes the real work. Sorting through the big list of keywords to find the ones that I am going to think are worth presenting to the client as options, and which ones the client will be impressed with us omitting but irritated if they are included. If the keyword would be used by someone looking for that product or service, then it’s good, if not, then it’s bad. If you’re not sure, put the keyword into Google and see who comes up. If it’s the web site in question’s competitors, then it’s a good keyword, if not, then it’s probably not. I have been getting very low accuracy rates with regards to this kind of evalutation, and it’s not very difficult so I can only interpret it as laziness or incompetence. I’m looking for a few people who are not lazy or incompetent who want to make a lot of money over the next few months. I’ve got tons of work for the right person.

8) Sort the keywords into good and bad by marking the Code column with a “1” or an “x”.

9) Then do a “Sort” by the Code column to separate the two lists

10) Cut and paste the X keywords into the Unused Keywords tab.

11) Name the file according to the format below and email it to me through both Upwork and GMail using the subject line naming format below.

Notes on File Submission
put the URL in the subject line of your email and the name of the file.

The subject line should read
SEO Keywords for

the file should be called
SEO Keywords for xxxxx.xls

Then you will be done.

You don’t need to put anything in any other tabs. That will come later if you pass this test.

I need extremely high accuracy rates that would rival my own or it’s not worth outsourcing. Sophisticated understanding of English and American culture required. Ability to look things up to find out if a keyword you don’t know is appropriate is absolutely required.

All tasks need to be timed with the number of keywords total recorded.

There is more sophisticated work beyond this if you’re good.

These jobs will come in 24 hours a day. I will need the work back within 2 hours in most instances. Please let me know what hours you’ll be available to do this. It takes me between a half hour and an hour to do each web site’s report myself. Reporting will be via Gmail account and Gchat. If you don’t have a gmail account, get one before applying. You will need an Adwords account too so you can access the Keyword Planner.

To see an example of me doing all of the above in 35 minutes or so, please see the following video. The first eleven minutes are the most important, the rest is me doing the same thing over and over til it’s done.

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