Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts

Positronic Design, The SEO Company, has been involved with the Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts Map since 1996, when a local non-profit tourism promotion organization called the Hilltown Hospitality Council got a $40,000 grant from the Mass Pike and secured the services of a VISTA volunteer. We were selected as the design and print consultant, and went about creating the beautiful map that you can still see today. We did it again the next year and then, strangely, we never heard from them the following year.

Not wanting to see the project die, David attended a meeting of the group in January 1999 and asked if they ever planned to publish the map again. “No”, was their reply, much to his disappointment.

Then he had an idea… He petitioned the group to license the map at no charge to Positronic Design, and said that he would do the sales, marketing, production, distribution and promotion himself, and fund it solely with advertising revenues. Furthermore, he would make one of those (at the time) new-fangled web site thingies so that now everybody who appeared on the map would also have a dedicated full-featured web page profiling and promoting their establishment.

The Council agreed that this would probably be a good idea, so the modern Hidden Hills of Western Massachusetts Map and the web site www.Hidden-Hills.com were born. Hidden-Hills.com has gone on to become a leading source for Tourism, Real Estate and Events in Western Massachusetts.

David has continued to publish the map for the past 12 years, and is coming up quickly on the 13th consecutive year of publication. In that time, over 350,000 printed maps have been distributed and over three million visitors have been to the web site. We’re proud of this achievement and the tourism promotion and economic development the project has brought to the region. We’d also like to thank our ongoing premium sponsors who have contributed so much to making the project thrive over the years. This includes Florence Savings Bank, The Trustees of Reservations, Hilltown Tree and Garden, AzureGreen, and the Huntington Country Store.

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