Custom Web Programming

Positronic Design, The SEO Company, founder David Caputo has been a computer programmer since 1981 and worked for such companies as Digital, GTE, and Lotus before going into the graphic design business in 1990. When the Internet began emerging as a real commercial phenomenon in 1994, David found himself back into programming, this time as a web site designer. David has been familiar with “the internet”, since working with DEC in 1984. He even had an email address in 1984, CAPUTO::PSYCHE when email addresses didn’t even have the @ sign.

Positronic Design draws upon that extensive professional programming background to create back-ends for web sites that are highly effective and utilize elegant code that maximizes speed of loading and browser compatibility.

We offer a full range of custom programming services, including HTML, HTML5, javascript, PHP, MySQL, and many other languages and tools. We combine our programming background and technical expertise with our knowledge of design and marketing to give our clients the maximum value for their web site development dollar.

Call us today at 800-472-3765 for a free introductory consultation. We’d love to put our advanced technical skills to work for you.

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