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10 Characteristics of a Good SEO Contract

    There’s nothing more intimidating than a contract for SEO services. It’s common practice to have one in place to protect both you and the agency. If you don’t know the first thing about legal jargon, simply look at the key characteristics of an SEO contract.   A study from Regalix shows that 54% of marketers believe adoption of SEO will explode. This is why contractual […]

15 Effective Link Building Techniques

  The Challenge Many questions are being raised within SEO circles as to whether link building is still effective. The reason for this is how Google defines ‘artificial’ or ‘unnatural’ links. The definition given by Google for these is: “Any links that are intended for the manipulation of the website’s ranking in Google’s search results.” Although, […]

9 SEO Mistakes that you should avoid

  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to making your presence known online. Even then, you must always strive to stick to the confines of good SEO ethic by understanding the basic principles. This is especially important when it comes to content marketing because failure to observe these principles can lead to penalties that […]

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