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Penalized By Google? – Steps To Take To Pardon Your Site

If you find your website suddenly being penalized by Google for reasons that are unknown to you, you could be a victim of bad back links into your site. Unless you’re practicing Black Hat SEO, this could probably be the main reason why Google has flagged your site. While this can send you into a […]

Online Business Listing – Understanding How Google Lists Your Business Directory

Have you ever wondered how Google lists your business? Google has several tools to list your business profile such as Google Places and Google Plus. You can enter your business information such as company name, address, contact information, category, and so forth into their directory for other users to search. Many business owners think that […]

SEO Strategy – Utilizing An SEO Checklist for New Sites

While everyone in the online business knows the importance of SEO, not all understand how to implement SEO techniques for their websites especially for newbie developers. They can find loads of SEO information online but still don’t know where or how to start. Utilizing an SEO checklist is an effective way to get your new […]

Why is Mobile SEO So Important?

While mobile devices are fast catching up as an alternative platform for internet use, internet marketers are finding ways to position themselves as the shift is being made to mobile devices. It is estimated that around 1.5 billion users throughout the world are accessing the internet via mobile devices today. 30 percent of these mobile […]

Link Building – True and False

Link building is one of the most misunderstood SEO strategies, especially among beginners. We often read about best practices, Google’s penalties, and search algorithm updates that make up the link building process. Not everyone has been working with SEO long enough to understand what is true and what is not. And this is why we’ll […]

What Are Key Performance Indicators and How Does It Help SEO?

Key performance indicators (or KPI) are metrics that measure the performance of a task against the objective that it was set out to do. In other words, it is finding out how you are doing to attain your business objectives. While KPIs can be applied in just about any working environment, in can be an […]

How Search Engines Are Evolving and Ways To Adapt

Search engines have been around for quite some time. For some, it may just be a tool for searching something on the internet. For an internet marketer, the value of it is tantamount to the success of their business. This is because search engines have allowed them to make their brands compete with other well […]

Understanding the Importance of E-Commerce SEO

People engage themselves in E-Commerce for one main reason – to earn profit. But the fact is, it isn’t that easy and a lot needs to be understood for an online business to succeed. No matter how large or small an internet based business may be, learning E-Commerce SEO and applying it to your website […]

Google Panda – What Users Need To Know

For many internet users, searching for a particular topic along Google does not always provide the best result. The reason for this is that spam sites are often included in the search result which makes the search under-optimized. To address this problem, Google has come up with “Panda” to help internet users obtain quality search […]

Google Hummingbird – What Does it Mean for SEO?

There has been widespread fear that SEO as we have known it before is dead due to the introduction of Google’s hummingbird algorithm. If that thought had crossed your mind, dismiss it immediately. Yes, there have been major changes in how Google ranks websites but some things still remain the same. Quality content, as well […]

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